2M FM Super Sloth Race

Interesting. While checking the database on all modes/all bands this morning. It appears that the race is on for the true SOTA Super Sloth title with 2E0NHM, 2E0HJD & G4BLH being the front runners, wonder who will reach this goal first, good luck to all concerned.


In reply to M3EDX:

Impossible for all three to be fm ss cos all three are multimode ss already. Would be interesting to know who scored the first 2m fm 10,000pts though.


In reply to GW0DSP:
At the moment as it stands for 2m FM
2e0nhm 7161
2e0hjd 6832
g4blh 6686

73 Graham

In reply to G4JZF:

Thanks Graham, I thought you would have been up there with your big sigs on 2m.

73 Mike

In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike

Thanks for your reply. You definately read me right… judging by your reply.

All three are already SS 'Multimode’operators as you rightly state, an achievement in itself using all bands/modes. It will indeed be extremely interesting though, to see who reaches this 10,000 pts achievement after 4 years of chasing on this short distance band/mode first. I won’t reveal who my money is on… Hi! But good luck to all three.

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Well I’ll have £100 on HJD, hi.


In reply to GW0DSP:
Too many single pointers Mike !!!
In front on SSB but along way to go to SS

73 Grahm

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I did write a reply to you, but decided to delete iT and opt for… “NO COMMENT”.

73 Mike