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2m FM is alive and well!

Beware of zombie threads!


I agree. I often find hams giving R5 while asking for several repeats until they finally manage to fully copy whatever piece of information the other ham in QSO with was sending. That’s definitely not a R5, not even R4. Perhaps R3 and possibly R2.
Many times I hear hams sending a “59 of courtesy” when they say they are barely copying the ham in QSO with. I have even heard some hams sending 59 to an operator while admiting they are not copying him due to QSB. Isn’t that ridiculous?
That “59 of courtesy” is absolutely useless! No courtesy at all is needed by a ham radio operator on a signal report. What it’s really needed is an accurate true signal report because that gives the relevant and necessary information as to know, for instance, whether the information given will be copied easy and immediately by the other party or some repeats will be necessary or recommended to make sure everything will be well copied in one over. An accurate true signal report will also give information on how the propagation conditions are, on how our setup is performing…
I understand and share the practice of 2x599 reports exchanged during a contest, but I don’t support it during standard QSOs, not even during SOTA QSOs.


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Quite agree, some seem to believe that “S” is read on a meter… on several occasions I have received “the meter’s not moving your report is 5 and 0” :roll_eyes:

I wish I had 1GBP for every time I have told someone that it is impossible for me to be S zero. It could fund virtually all my SOTA activities! It is mostly on 2m SSB that this happens… low band noise and no background hiss like with weak FM.

As for 2m FM, I had my rig on 145.500MHz all day yesterday and the squelch wasn’t broken once… obviously it’s not that alive and kicking in this part of IO92. Please come over and rub some of that magic IO83 dust around the place Tom. . :smile:

I used to give S-meter readings, but some time ago I found that the DNR worked much better with the attenuator in (it is surprising how many hams don’t know that!), so now it stays in full time and as that turns the S-meter deaf I always give ear reports - except for when a comparative report is requested.

Nor this part of IO92 - but I suppose that if I was on a 343 metre summit it would sound a bit livelier!

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I always do - whenever I’m activating in IO92/82/81 (etc). That Magic Dust seems to come with me!

I’m taking some to GM this week but it doesn’t usually work there…

You need to come to an agreement with the Sidhe - honey and whiskey is said to work well!:grinning:

I will be listening for Tom as he is likely to be on a hill near me. His choice of date is unfortunate SWMBO has deemed I wait for the nice man to fix the dishwasher :frowning:

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They don’t frighten me. For those of us who got into SOTA only in recent years, there’s some interesting stuff in the archives. I for one have dug up a few zombie thread and they have stimulated new dialogue.

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True, but don’t you find it a little strange when people start to reply to a comment made in 2009, I bet Richard has even forgotten writing it! In more general terms a thread revival over such a long period risks coming up against changes in situations and opinions, or even replying to someone who may be no longer in ham radio or may even be SK. I think it is much better to start a new thread, perhaps with a quote from an earlier thread.

We’ll have none of your Zombieism here :wink:


But then newcomers will not get to read those words of wisdom on the old threads. I wish I had a pound for every time someone starts a new thread asking a question that’s been (well) answered previously.

It doesn’t matter if the original contributor doesn’t read the new comment if it stimulates conversation among those you do read it.

Besides, we’re being told recycling everything is good for the planet, so why not old threads?


Well, Andy, you have your opinion and I have mine which is fair enough, but note that there is no actual prohibition against revival of ancient threads and my comment about zombie threads was intended to be humour!

You forget Brian, an important tradition of the internet is to fail to pick up on intended humour and develop a serious or even acrimonious debate over it.

Anyway, I called on S20 with my handheld from GM/ES-073 and made a QSO. 2m is alive and well - even on the Moray coast.

Just been to visit Barry @GM4TOE for a very pleasant lunch - soup of course!

Right, off to Aberdeen for tonight’s show…

Have a good gig, Tom. I like to hear about them - I miss the old days in bands and tearing up old jazz favourites!

And I assumed you were being humorous.

That’s where it got a bit serious.

Made 12 contacts with the FM HT on SS-272 this morning. Seems the 83 effect does travel reasonably well :wink:


I had a security guard who worked a concert in the winter tell me, “Learn quickly how to fall forward! You land on them, instead of them landing on you.”
In this case, you land on your chest, instead of on your radios!!!
Sounds like you had more fun than was legal! The JOY of RADIO!

Qualified G/SE-002 in IO91 easily with handheld and rubber duck this morning. No such luck on G/SE-005 but my 4 qualifying contacts on 30m FT8 were all active SOTA chasers, which was pleasing in itself.

On Saturday I qualified Booroomba Rocks VK1/AC-026 at 1392 m ASL on 2m FM, 23 and 13cm. Four contacts on 2m simplex 146.5 FM, that’s pretty good for VK1. :smile:

2m rectangular loop antenna bending in the wind

23 and 13cm transverters operating on voice SSB

I had good company with my good friend Andrew @VK1DA operating on HF.

73 Andrew VK1AD