2m antenna for pedestrian mobile

Thanks all for your input , i have found a dealer with stock of the yaesu ft 270 .but as been said having the extra watts do help if your struggling on some of the lower summuts . A monoband mobile radio would be the answer and found cheap Chinese radios can be cause problems. Doors wide open springs to mind .

73 Matt 2E0FGX

That isn’t only a problem on cheap radios. It also happens on good quality radios that have ‘features’ like VHF FM broadcast receive. They all have wide band front ends which is what causes the problem. Adding a 2m narrow filter between the rig and the antenna can mostly fix the problem.

Hello all,
I would build a 2M C-pole.
See: C-POLE ARRL - Google Search
This could be mounted along the top of a vertical insulating rod of whatever length one would be comfortable with, sticking up out of a pack. Important things are: 1. For 2M, It’s only about a half a meter high; 2. It’s ground-independent; 3. It’s fed at the bottom, and is a 50-Ohm feed. I’ve used backpack portable, self-supporting versions of this antenna for 17 and 20 meters, with outstanding results.
All Best, Ken

I can hear you… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not necessarily so. On Sunday I was needing a 4th on 70cm from GW/MW-009 (Beacon Hill) so went on to 433.500 and called (not expecting to hear anyone) when I got an answer … from G1ERM in Swindon with a 55 report! Thanks to 70cm s2s with GW4TJC/P (Simon) on GW/NW-018 and MW3TMX/P (Jordan) on GW/NW-010 and others I ended up with more 70cm contacts than 2m!

BTW Jordan was rather ‘chuffed’ that his newly acquired Baufeng (I know you are all wincing - it was my suggestion!) reached me with a 55 - once he’d run back to the summit - when I was just suggesting to Simon that Jordan hadn’t got a ‘hope in h…’ of getting me over that distance with just a whip aerial!! Even on 70cm you have to be careful what you say as you don’t know who is listening. Make sure you’ve got something with you that can operate on 70cm or I’ll be able to talk about you Matt (and Mark)… :wink:
Viki M6BWA

Viki , if i known you was on 70cms wouod of gone there as my qth is swindon and in a good vhf spot

73 Matt 2E0FGX

Oh viki , what antenna do you use for 70cm when not using the whip ?
73Matt 2E0FGX

I agree with Mark about the performance of the Diamond RH-770 - I frequently get good reports using it and it’s my first-choice 2m SOTA antenna too. However, it is mechanically a bit fragile (I’ve often read that the cheap 770 clones are even more fragile).

So, if you take Phil’s (good) advice and get yourself a H/T, I wouldn’t use the two (directly connected) together whilst ‘pedestrian’ (if by that term you mean walking about). My H/T has a SMA socket and the 770 sways about in high winds putting stress on the SMA so I use it only at the summit. So use whilst walking is bound to increase the risk of problems later.

There’s always the risk of tripping and damaging both while walking. Maybe a flexible coax patch lead would help if you mount the telescopic antenna to your rucksack.

Matt I use the dual band Sotabeam (no longer produced I believe) style dipole mounted on overflow water pipe at a height of about 2m (if not too windy) - as shown behind me in that snowy Pendle Hill picture. If I’m out on a hill I am always (weather and daylight permitting) going to be operating on 70cm - as my alert shows. It is VERY rare that I reach Swindon even on 2m (? 3 times before) from a WB or W hill and never on 70cms. Shame you weren’t listening!!

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Yes thats what im going to do , a ht and the diamond antenna .

73 Matt 2E0FGX

Shame they dont , i have a 5/8 coaxal dipole for 2 but nothing for 70cms . Im on edge of swindon in a village which is a good spot .

73Matt 2E0FGX

Viki, obviously I wanted your expert opinion on 70cm which is why deliberately baited you. Hope you didn’t mind :grinning:. I’ve found 70cm is often better at getting through where there are mountains in the way, it certainly exhibits markedly different propogation characteristics at times, sometimes much better than 2m. You can carry more styles of antenna as well or a multi element beam. Viva le difference!

I’m curious to know whether the regulars using 70cm HTs have found any differences between polarisations (vertical and horizontal). On 2m I and others have found consistentlly better performance between hilltops if we use horizontal polarisation, even just tipping the HT and antenna over so that the antenna is horizontal and broadside to the desired direction usually/always produces better signal levels.

Anyone with similar experiences on 70cm?

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

I can vouch for David’s design. Made as described and an SWR of 1.1:1 obtained without any tweaks. I used the top two sections from a defunct 7m pole which gets the antenna nicely outside of the backpack. The only downside is that I have to transport it in the car as it is a bit too long for the boot. I could cut it down, but the extra length is useful for mounting… in bushes, etc. :smiling_face:

73, Gerald