2k unique summits

Hi Mike GW0DSP
Gratulations to ur 2000 unique Summits.
It´s always a pleasure to hear you in the pileup…
best 73 and all time good chasing de Tom DL1DVE

Congratulations Mike !!


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Yes, very well done Mike - very rarely don’t hear you on 7.032!

73 Cris

It would be hard to do activations if it was not for people like you Mike.
Nice one congratulations.
73 Dave

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Hi Tom, many thanks for being my 2,000th unique summit, much appreciated. I was on 1998 and couldn’t believe my luck when Heinz OE5EEP/5 and yourself popped up late in the afternoon, both on uniques to complete my 2k.

Thanks again.

vy 73


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Many Congratulations Mike on a magnificent achievement.


Well done mike,

How long ago is it Mike since you got hooked on SOTA? 1 year? :o)


Many congratulations Mike, that really is some achievement.
73, Mike G4BLH

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How long ago is it Mike since you got hooked on SOTA? 1 year? :o)


Hi Peter

My first Sota QSO was 16th January 2007, my next was 23rd January 2007, then I got serious;-)


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Congrats Mike, on achieving 2000 Uniques.
73, Jeff G4ELZ

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Hi Mike, congratulations to a job well done! Glad to hear that I was your number 1999 with my after work sota trip…

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

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Many congratulations Mike!
Tnx for the many qso´s and GL on your way to 10k.
Hpe to meet u in F´hafen.
Vy73 de Fritz

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Hi Mike,
also big congrats from me.
always nice to have you in the log !
tnx also for nice “info service” :slight_smile:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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Many Congratulations Mike.

73 Barry 2E0PXW

Hello Mike,
Congrats on your great achievement!
I’m always happy to hear you in the pile up.

VY 73! Jan OK1NF

As a matter of interest Mike, do you collect the SOTA certificates, and in particular, those for the chaser uniques? I think the Chaser Uniques is a much more relevant table for the leading chasers such as yourself; the points become somewhat arbitrary at that level. Conversely, the uniques becomes a greater challenge with each new one you work, softened occasionally with the addition of a new association.

Congratulations on the 2000, but no certificate for that - just 500 more uniques to go for your next certificate in the series :wink: BTW, I wonder if you have claimed both your Shack Sloth trophies - one for the 1000 points and one for the 1000 uniques?

Will we ever have an activator achieving the 1000 Uniques trophy I wonder? That would be quite something.

73, Tom M1EYP

Many congratulations on the 2000 uniques Mike. I agree with Tom, it is a true indicator of dedication and I am sure you get more from working a new summit, particularly to complete an area, rather than clocking up another 1000 points on your chaser total.

Hoping to be able to “supply” a few of your outstanding “wants” sometime soon.

73, Gerald

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I have claimed just one trophy, for Shacksloth plus most of the certificates, but will shortly be claiming the 1k uniques trophy plus the remaining certs.
Should make an impressive photo once they are all on the wall, hi.


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Congratulations Mike, a terrific achievment - "big signal and always there!"
Well done, it reflects the effort you have put in. :slight_smile:
And I’m glad I got you shopping in the high street for the first one … hi hi