2E0YYY - Good Luck

Wish you the best of Lady Luck today with your new super-beam.
Shame I cannot be with you.
Stay safe and have some fun.

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Wish you the best of Lady Luck today with your new super-beam.

Arrived at the Shining Tor Trig Point about 0810, set the station up, chucked the ZL Special on the fishing pole and self spotted on ssb at about 0835. Called CQ and found quite a few stations waiting for me. By 0912 I had worked 19 stations the furthest being Bournemouth. I then turned the beam vertical and QSY’d to FM.

Once more, I called CQ and to my surprise found another load of stations waiting. Sadly, the weather quickly started to deteriorate and worse still a very cold wind blew up. The temperature then started to fall like a stone and the cloud descended, soaking just about everything. By now, the beam was spinning around like a humming-top and I was forced to pull it down. As luck would have it, I’d taken the precaution of bringing the portable dipole with me, or the days radio would have ended prematurely.

Anyway, despite the worsening weather, and by now feeling bitterly cold, I pressed on. This was without a doubt the coldest activation I’ve ever undertaken…even colder than when we were up to our waists in snow on the WB activations. Nevertheless, trade was really brisk and I could feel another personal best score coming on.

However, Shining Tor, can be a cruel mistress, forcing even me, who can usually suffer Hell and Damnation when it comes to working a pile-up :wink: …to chuck the towel in and pull the plug at 1259z …a real pity

The tally seems to be about 107 contacts, though I still have to check for duplicates.

Shame I cannot be with you.

Not really, John. Trust me :frowning:

Stay safe and have some fun.

Cheers mate, despite the lousy weather, I still had a good time!

Mike 2E0YYY

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That’s what itks all about Mick, having a bit of fun.

Shame your such a big girl when it comes to a bit of drizzle!

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Hi Mike
I had a lovely day today. Weather was beautiful and the ascent was fine for me. Jill and the boys came along too, so I only spent 25 mins on the air with 5w to a dipole. I stopped at 20 contacts. Strange to have me ‘up here’ and you ‘down there’. Thanks to Steve (GW7AAV) for spotting me.