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2E0EDX Cancelled activations

Ian has cancelled any further activations for today due to worsening WX. He apppologises to any chasers who were hoping to work him on the other summits


Brian (M0OYG)

In reply to M0OYG:

No problem here, better safe (& dry) than sorry.

There will always be another time :slight_smile:


Mark G0VOF

Yes - it’s ALWAYS worse at 2500+ feet than it is down at the bottom. At least Ian did manage to activate Pike o’Blisco, so not a wasted trip.

73 Phil

In reply to M0OYG:

Im glad he used common sense, and big shame he never got to do the others.

As everyone says the mountains will be there longer than we are, so better to be safe than sorry!

Well done on getting what you did get Ian