28/04/´07- DM/BW-149 es 197

Hi all,
this morning i´m qrv from DM/BW-149 es Bw-197.149 at abt. 0800utc and 197 at abt. 1000utc.i will beginn at 3.558-cw and after on 10.118-cw.And then after a short break i will call on 7.032-cw and 7.115/7.068-ssb.The reason is , that i changed after 30m to my new homebrew-transceiver.This procedure agn at next activations till i finished and have time for my other bandmodules.On the first summit i plan to use a simple 30m-longwire with radials and on the second summit i will use a fullsize double-zepp antenna.so maybe the last activation starts a bit later.yesterday evening i checked with Ralf DH3IAJ the signal and audio of my rig on ssb and it seems to be ok with abt. 15watts and 15:1db compression in ssb.but have not time to fix the frequency-counter,so maybe the qrg´s are 1khz up or down
to the spotted start-qrg´s .

hpe cu u tmrw…vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

Mike GW0DSP : Hi Mike , you asked in flick´r for the building time of my trx.-> abt. 6 weeks without bandmodules.but this one is not my first homemade-trx :wink:

In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus, fine on 6 weeks build time, thanks for the info. I was looking into building a small qrp cw trx for 40mtrs, nothing like the one you have built.
The build looks very good on yours, also very strong looking, great for portable use.
If that was the trx I worked you on on BW-016, it sounded great, 559 when we qso but later 599 solid and very stable.
Look forward to catching you on both summits later.

vy 73 Mike