27/02/2019 Sota-tour day I/LO-252,250,234,270

Hi at All,
It has been some days that I would like to take a vacation day.
According to weather forecast, Wednesday should be clear and maximum temperature should be 18-20 celsius degree.
It was great opportunity for hiking and sota activation.
I thought of four peaks around the Selvino Aviatico plateau.
I/LO-252 Corna Bianca 1224mt 4pts + 3 pts bonus,
I/LO-250 Mt Podona 1227mt 4pts + 3 pts bonus,
I/LO-234 Mt Poieto 1360mt 4pts + 3 pts bonus,
I/LO-270 Mt Purito 1136mt 2 pts.
These summits are close each other and with low elevetion gap.
A fantastic idea popped in to my head… why don’t concatenated them together?
I woke up at 5:00 utc, at 5:30utc I started driving to Selvino.
At about 07:00 I reached Salmezza hamlet near Selvino city.
From here it starts the path that takes to the top of Corna Bianca I/LO-252.
Me and my dog Zac started to climb up, we reached the summit in about 20min.
I putted the backpack on the ground and we had breakfast while we watched the enchanting landscape.
I started to calling cq at about 08:00 utc I worked 40mt ssb/cw, 30mt and 20 cw. My setup was kx3 run with 5watts when needed setting a 10watts, original microphone, vertical key j-45 military surplus from cold war, 9.5mt telescopic pole with pick support, 3mt of H155 and 1mt rg147 extra, the antenna consisted in 9 meters of awg 24 wire with a transformer 64:1 for operation in 20 and 18mt.
Otherwise I use a bnc with plugin for work 40 and 30mt.
In all case I use ATU.
I had with me 2 lipo 3s battery 2550mAh and 5500mAh and ten battery Ni-Mh Enaloop, I have used only 5500mAh for all day.

We reached the second summits, I/LO-250 Mt Podona at 10:30 utc.
the weather was great it looked like late spring. I needed a t-shirt and shorts.

After having called on 40 30 and 20 ssb cw I tuned antenna at 5.353cw and I managed a s2s with hb9afi/p, his signal was near background noise.

The fun made me lose track of time.
I climbed down the path dragged by the Zac that chased lizards and one snake, the descend was unnerving.
I crossed Selvino and Aviatico by car and I started to trek mount Poieto, I chosed the longest and less steep path.
I started to calling cq from I/LO-234 at about 1300 utc working on 40 and 20mt, I thought to contact many NA chasers but I could put a log only one transaltrantic qso, probably it was too early.

During the climb the last summit I met an old woman that seeing me running, she told me: " Ehi! Where do you run? Remember that today is a national day of slowness…" ,I thought about myself,“I’m already qrs cw!! C’on Zac here we go!!!”
I reached Mt Purito I/LO-270 the end of the tour at 15:30 utc I still had 2 hours of daylight. I started to feel a bit a tired, also Zac was tired of the tour and he fell asleep under a tree.

At this time, the prop. could be good for NA, so I decided to starting in 20mt cw. I managed some transatlantic qso some with good signal also 579 and other very difficoult to hear due to a weak signal and strong qsb, but with great patience of the chasers I could managed in a log.
To conclude I called cq sota in 40 ssb to present the virgin summit at some european chasers, after that I and the sleepy dog Zac started to comeback to home.

I added 23 points at my estate

I/LO-252 Corna Bianca n.17 qsos
40mt cw 7 qsos, 1-s2s
40mt ssb 6 qsos
30mt cw 2 qsos
20mt cw 2 qsos
I/LO-250 Mt. Podona n.19 qsos
60mt cw 1 qso, 1-s2s
40mt cw 9 qsos, 2-s2s
40mt ssb 5 qsos
30mt cw 3 qsos
20mt cw 1 qsos
I/LO-234 Mt Poieto n.17 qsos
40mt ssb 11 qsos,
20mt cw 5-qsos, (2-s2s and 1 qso transatlantic: Pennsylvania)
I/LO-270 Mt. Purito n28. qsos
40mt ssb 22 qsos
20mt cw 6 qsos, (4 transatlantic qsos: Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina

Thanks to All Chasers!

73 de iw2obx Roberto


Very well done, Roberto!
Congrats on such great SOTA day and the 23 earned points.
It’s amazing being hiking in sunshine with temps of 20 deg C in the traditionaly crudest month of the winter and thus being so easily earning winter bonus points.
We are also experiencing about the same WX over here.
Thanks for the report.
Your dog Zac looks very beautiful. It’s a great dog. I’m sure it enjoys very much hiking the mountains with you.


Tnx Roberto for the nice photo and report.
Congrats for running 4 summits.
I enjoyed the S2S on 20 M.
Lets cu agn from summits with Zac
Gerald F6HBI

Hi OMs,
Thanks for the replies,
@EA2IF Guru: I had micro crampons nortec with me, but I didn’t use it and during the last two activations I left them in a car.
About Zac, he is a great adventuring companion.

@F6HBI Gerald: I was glad for nice s2s qso on 20 meters band cw, it was unaspected to put in a log a s2s from a distance of 280km on this band.

It’s really incredible, almost a miracle!

de IW2OBX Roberto

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