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26/10/2007 DM/BW-079 : tnx all for first time over


hi friends,
i will say thank you to all chasers ! today i finished my activation on DM/BW-079
"Ellbachkopf" with 109 qso´s in my log . and that with low power on hf only. no real qrp , but only 10watts on cw and abt. 15watts on ssb with my homebrew rig. i think the speech-compressor in it , is very usefull. i never heared my signal , but most mod-reports are ok ! antenna today again the 2 x 18.5m sym. dipol with z-match and feedpoint only in abt. 6m . started todays activation after qrl, because this summit is not far away from my working-place. at 1400utc i began with a “qrl?” on 7032-cw and roy ´ssh came back to my call with nice sigs. and then the “zoo” started,hi. after the first 30 minutes i logged 41 stations and to come down a bit, i started with cq qrs . and i think , compared to other activations , many qrs stations comes back to my slow calls. at 1444 i had 55 chasers in my log.

14:00z G4SSH/A 7MHz CW
14:01z G0HIO 7MHz CW
14:01z F8BBL 7MHz CW
14:02z OE6DK 7MHz CW
14:03z F5AKL 7MHz CW
14:03z ON4ON 7MHz CW
14:04z F6CEL 7MHz CW
14:04z DL4FCK 7MHz CW
14:05z DL1FU 7MHz CW
14:06z DL4ALI 7MHz CW
14:07z G4OBK 7MHz CW
14:08z F8DGF 7MHz CW
14:08z G3HKO 7MHz CW
14:09z G3TJE 7MHz CW
14:10z HB9AFI 7MHz CW
14:10z F5RKL 7MHz CW
14:11z HB9AGH 7MHz CW
14:12z G4CMQ 7MHz CW
14:12z I2YWR 7MHz CW
14:13z EI7CC 7MHz CW
14:14z DL6FAX 7MHz CW
14:15z EI6AK 7MHz CW
14:15z GM0AXY 7MHz CW
14:16z F5IQJ 7MHz CW
14:16z DJ5AV 7MHz CW
14:17z G0AOD 7MHz CW
14:18z HB9DAX 7MHz CW
14:18z OE6WTD 7MHz CW
14:19z DF5WA 7MHz CW
14:20z GW0DSP 7MHz CW
14:20z OK2BDF 7MHz CW
14:21z G4ZIB 7MHz CW
14:22z DL9GTI 7MHz CW
14:22z DL4FDM 7MHz CW
14:23z HA3FZ 7MHz CW
14:24z G0NES 7MHz CW
14:25z F8ADJ 7MHz CW
14:26z G4WSX 7MHz CW
14:27z M1EYP 7MHz CW
14:29z DL0VK/P 7MHz CW
14:30z DL3HSC 7MHz CW
14:31z M0COP 7MHz CW
14:33z DJ0GD 7MHz CW
14:34z EI8DL 7MHz CW
14:36z OE3KAB 7MHz CW
14:37z I1EEW 7MHz CW
14:37z G4BLH 7MHz CW
14:39z DL7RAG 7MHz CW
14:40z OK1HRA 7MHz CW
14:40z DL4HSI 7MHz CW
14:41z DL2DXA 7MHz CW
14:42z F6GEO 7MHz CW
14:43z F6ENO 7MHz CW
14:44z GW3LNR 7MHz CW
14:44z DJ4EY 7MHz CW

then i qsy´ed to 7096 as spotted to do the ssb-part , but on that qrg big sigs
from other stations. so i moved a bit up and call cq. OE3KAB was the first and followed from the regulars GW0VMZ,2E0HJD,F8BBL es much other nice ssb-chasers. but ssb in the afternoon , evening hours is very difficult due to qrm. but all in all 17 ssb´ers in 14 minutes…

14:50z OE3KAB 7MHz SSB
14:50z F8BBL 7MHz SSB
14:51z GW0VMZ 7MHz SSB
14:52z 2E0HJD 7MHz SSB
14:52z I1EEW 7MHz SSB
14:53z OE5PLN 7MHz SSB
14:53z GM4YMM 7MHz SSB
14:54z GM4FAM 7MHz SSB
14:55z 2E0KPO 7MHz SSB
14:55z M3PXW 7MHz SSB
14:56z G0RQL 7MHz SSB
14:58z M0JDK 7MHz SSB
14:59z ON6DSL 7MHz SSB
15:01z DL9SUB 7MHz SSB
15:02z G4WHA 7MHz SSB
15:03z G6DTN 7MHz SSB
15:04z 2E0NBR 7MHz SSB

after that i qsy´ed to 3558khc-cw, a new regular band from me witl allmost good sigs from HB9. but also had a few callers from G ! on 80m i work mostly with only 5 watt real qrp, think antenna working there UFB. and 19 qso in the 16mins on this band.

15:07z HB9BYZ 3.5MHz CW
15:07z OE3KAB 3.5MHz CW
15:08z OQ1C 3.5MHz CW
15:08z DL4FCK 3.5MHz CW
15:09z F6ENO 3.5MHz CW
15:10z DJ5AV 3.5MHz CW
15:10z HB9DAX 3.5MHz CW
15:12z HB9CKV 3.5MHz CW
15:13z DL8DXL 3.5MHz CW
15:13z HB9AAQ 3.5MHz CW
15:14z HB9CMI 3.5MHz CW
15:15z HB9AGH 3.5MHz CW
15:16z DL4FDM 3.5MHz CW
15:18z PA0FBI 3.5MHz CW
15:19z G3CWI 3.5MHz CW
15:21z G3KYF 3.5MHz CW
15:22z F6CEL 3.5MHz CW
15:23z G3HKO 3.5MHz CW
15:23z DJ4BA 3.5MHz CW

and after 80m i going back to 40m 7032 to make the last calls , like most activations from me. first one was G3VQO with good sigs and followed by 16 chasers from 1527 to 1546utc. G4CPA was the last one in the log. so today was my first activation with 100+ qso´s . and that makes me happy,hi . my luck today, temperatures are ok with no wind.

15:27z G3VQO 7MHz CW
15:28z DL8USA 7MHz CW
15:29z OH3GZ 7MHz CW
15:29z OH3GZ 7MHz CW
15:30z SP5CGN 7MHz CW
15:31z G4OBK 7MHz CW
15:33z F6ACV 7MHz CW
15:34z F4EUN 7MHz CW
15:35z DL4VM 7MHz CW
15:37z GM4FAM 7MHz CW
15:39z G0BPU 7MHz CW
15:40z RX4HJ 7MHz CW
15:40z GM0IFM 7MHz CW
15:42z G3CWI 7MHz CW
15:43z DL6KVA 7MHz CW
15:44z OE5WLL 7MHz CW
15:45z S51CL 7MHz CW
15:46z G4CPA 7MHz CW

but what will activators do in winter with -0C° or colder ? :wink: chasers can help with short qso´s with only callsign es rapport. ragchewing we can do again in summer :wink: most times i have time to say hello or more, but in comming winter i will do more contest-style in my activations. but thats no problem with qrs, the also a qrs-qso can be fast with only call es rprt . i don´t want to reduce my sota to only 1 band or cw-only, to give all chasers the same chance to work me on the summits. but more bands and modes = more activation time …

by the way. since my first activation at 27.Feb on Mooswaldkopf to now i activated 289 summits and done 7813qso´s on hf and meet many new friends all over europe, and thats fine :o)
for all who wonder about the many activations :
i reduced my hamradio-hobby to sota-only since a few months. i have enough fun with it, and not many time for other things in hamradio. uuhhhh, i need only abt. 100 points to get my shack-slot status. i hope this year i reach it. but chances to get s2s in winter is not so big. also my other new hobby is searching geocaches with my yl ( want´s also a bit from me :wink: ) . marathon is ending for me now, due to problems with my knees after abt. 20km/30km of running, so only hobby-running anymore. but i like it more to run for my self as against the clock. so i can better enjoy the nature on my trips in black-forest

so again thank you for that nice activation today and hope cuagn on the summits,

Klaus DF2GN/P


In reply to DF2GN:
Klaus you set the standard for the rest of us to follow.
73,s mike


In reply to G0HIO:

hi Mike,

hope not everyone so sota-addicted as i´m , hi. ( yl means a bit crazy ! )

everybody can do sota, more or less . so he/she likes it .

nice sigs from you , mike , today. hope work you again…

vy 73 Klaus


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus,

109 QSO’s in 1.75 hours, three QSY’s and still enough time to say ‘hello.’ But you are right about the winter. It brings urgency with it.

I hear about your exploits weekly via Roy, G4SSH but this must top the lot!

Amazing performances and what a terrific ‘service provider’ you are.

I hope, one day for an S2S with you but it will need to be closer to QRS than QRQ !

73, John G4YSS.


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus, Phew!! what a pile up you had, hi. Again your sigs were FB 599 to UK, but lots of impatient ops apparently could not hear you and were calling while you were keying. 109 QSOs was fantastic Klaus with your 10-15 watts. Your audio is very good from your home brew radio and you were 59 in ssb. I didn’t call you on ssb also because you were so busy, hi.

73 de Mike GW0DSP


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus,
congratulations for another great achievement and tnx for the QSOs!
109 QSOs are great!
On DM/RP-276 I made “only” 70 QSOs…hi. I was late because
of crowded roads, (tnx to the “DL-train-strike”…hi) and
closed roads to the nearby village Falkenstein.

But within this big pile-up´s we have to think about split-operation.
We cannot manage it like a “big dx-pedition” because we are QRP.

Otherwise I have to say there was no problem with the “pile-up”,
the regular chaser are all excellent operators with lot´s of
ham-spirit. The “new-ones” have to learn like we did.

OK about the contest-style. I also prefer personal QSOs (like you do).
But otherwise we want to work as many chasers as possible.

Anyhow after sometime sitting in the snow there comes a point were
you can`t hear the calls anymore, because your teets crumps (klappern)
louder then the key…You dont know what hurts more, the feets or the
fingers and you cant read the calls you´re painting into the logbook.
And then a station gives his qth 3 times: my qth qth qth is dnjepropetrovsk,
dnjepropetrovsk, dnjepropetrovsk and asking for your exact qth.
That´s a good time for qrt…hi

Hope to work you soon again es vy73

de Fritz HB9CSA,DL4FDM


In reply to DF2GN:

Yet another popular and successful activation from your station Klaus. Your multi-band multi-mode operations always ensure that every chaser makes a QSO and it was most encouraging to hear ther number of ops who replied to your “QRS” sessions, including M1EYP, G0NES and M0COP.

Your super-efficient antenna is an excellent substitution for an amp Klaus and you were a strong signal on my indoor 6 foot vert antenna here in Cornwall.

To exceed 100 QSO’s on a single activation is a magnificent achievement Klaus. Congratulations. CU soon.



Absolutely stunning performance Klaus. If you are going to stay on the summits so long in winter, you better dig out the thermal underwear (Thermalunterkleidung) and the Schnapps HI.

My cw is still poor when I am in the comfort and warmth of my home; how you send such good cw in the cold is beyond me.

Regards, Mike G4BLH


Remarkable indeed. I had to stop with my hands freezing up after just 25 CW contacts on my MG activation on Cadair Berwyn the other day. Thankfully, the pile-up was just about cleared, and Jimmy M3EYP was keen to do some operating himself.

Also Klaus, thanks for your continuing encouragement for my (and others’) fledgling CW.



In reply to DF2GN:

A very nice activation Klaus - unfortunately I was at work or it could have been 110 ! 73 Steve G1INK.


Hi, es tnx all

as Fritz DL4FDM wrote, we can´t handle a pile-up like a QRO . I also hear the station calling me on top of me , because mostly i´m operating full-bk. so i think its not bad to operating QRO. on the other side many station comming on that qrg, mostly non-sota-chasers who calls in every pile-up.and the goal is to work as many chasers as possible.but sometimes i think, for ssb its vy usefull to work qro.
sometimes i thinking also about QRO, but in moment i need only one lightweight 4,8Ah SLAB for two activations with about 4h operating time . so, thats the big plus for low-power.
and if i go from 10 to 40watts …that only 6db, 1S-unit ! maybe no big difference to the other big-guns on 40m-band or so.

a bigger problem is to find a clear qrg in the evening/afternoon hours while you can´t work over 7100khc due to bc-stations.
so everytime i spot 7096 look a few khc´s down or up ( 7090-7100 ) .

and Fritz , only ?? 70qso´s ?? congrats to you !! thats very good and often i have less qso´s in log. wait a bit, and i think the first 100+ activaion is not far away ;-). i ike to beginn on 7032, then 40m-ssb and at end 3558 in the afternoon. but mostly i come back to 7032 to make the last calls and everytime a few stations who missed me waiting there. also the use of 30m-cw is very good, but only from morning till abt. 13/14utc.

yes, we have still good op´s in sota with good ears and operating practise. but sometimes in a sota-pile up i feel not fine, if "my name is …, my qth is …, pse give me ur qth es dok " comes back to me ;-))) normaly i have no problem to handle a pile - up but this is hard. mostly i give then 73´s and call again cq . not fine , no hamspirit ?? i´m not in a warm shack ! :slight_smile: -

also hard for me is if a station tells me more in qro ! , normaly no problem by my side to hear abt. 150 to 200bpm, but in times the fingers turning from red to blue and the teets crumps louder as the key its also hard for me to copy anything more as rprt es name ! and the keying comes badder from qso to qso !

think most sota-activators know the feeling when the feet and fingers beginns to hurt extremly without any moving and sitting at one place.
in winter times i´m not so often qrv in sota. only 1 or 2 times a week .i use the time to work at my equipment.

Great achievement from steve `Inky ohhllaaa, to do every expedition with qro and many slabs with him . congrats steve for your support in ssb !
also Dan ´8dx, uses sometimes qro, and makes many qso´s on 40m-cw only…mostly same qso-rate as i have in multi-band and mode !!! thats a good support to maybe become new sota-chasers

yesterday i see thats its also possible to do fast qso´s in qrs. at example G0NES , M0COP , G4BLH or M1EYP handle fast qso´s with only rprt es call and short 73´s . so comeone and try cw if you want. think this weekend is not good to do sota-ssb on hf :wink: so i stay at home or go out to seek geocaches :o)

vy 73 Klaus


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus

I’m just curious, is this your record number of QSOs in one activation?

73 Mike GW0DSP


In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike,
yes , first time more than 100qso in one activation. qrp and hf-only :slight_smile:

73 Klaus


In reply to DF2GN:
its always a pleasure to work you Klaus

73 Barry M3PXW (the whippet)