25-10-2008 pa/pa-004 on6dsl

Dear sota friends,

This summit PA/PA-004 TORENBERG is located in a wild-live park and therefore admittance is not allowed.

But I will try to go insite … (with permission).

First I go to the ham meeting in Apeldoorn. Afterwards I try obtain to the PA/PA-004 sota-place. I can not put the correct time of activation, perhaps I must negotiate with the park guard before attaining within.If I get passage … I hope being QRV around ± 15.00 - 16.00 h UTC on QRG 7.090 or/and 7.118 MHz ± QRM SSB.(14.285 Mhz) Listen around that time.

Take notice: I use my QRP station FT817 ± 5 W and stay MAX.1 h QRV —>Long drive back home 3-4 h.
Also the CQ WW DX CONTEST is on.

If it is NOT possible on PA/PA-004 perhaps I go to PA/PA-005 for compensation.
Then same conditions only difference in starting activation time.

If I does not succeed … SRI.

QRG: 7.090 - QRM CQ WW --> 7.118 Mhz ± QRM (Possible QRV on other QRG 14.285 Mhz.)
Mode: SSB Phone
Callsign: PA/ON6DSL/P
Power: ± 5 W
Rig: FT817
Ant: Inv.V dipole a 3 m up

If no passage possibly on PA/PA-004 … NO ACTIVATION !

Give my hope for the 004.

Cu on QRG !


Ps: With me on the summit(s) ON3DSN, Nick - ON3IWB, Johan - ON3VDR, Jeroen - ON6AW, Paul

In reply to ON6DSL:
Luc, I wish you good luck and I hope to work you on the frequency.

Best 73 to you and your team,

Milos, S57D

In reply to ON6DSL:

Dear sota friends, concerns the activation from Pa-land.

SRI sota friends,It was not possible to make a sota activation from PA/PA004 and PA/PA005 on the moment. First we ware a lot behind on diagram. Especially from the lot of street work activities and traffic diversions on the way. However,we ware on the summit PA/PA-004 and have really determined that it was provisionally not possible for enter that place. It is, however, possible enter the park but only on the walking path … and on the moment we cannot go in the park because disturbing the wild animals wild swines,dear etc… If we must have negotiated further with the park guards perhaps we have succeeded.If we had more time and if the head park guard had been present we had certainly a chance. But we have not negotiated further because we stood far behind on diagram driving back home. Thus we have decided to do no activation.

SRI 1000x time SRI for all Om’s that have waiting for me.

But we will be back !!!


Ps: some pictures on flickr - sota from PA/PA-004