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23cm in G/LD

I’m trying to gain more experience with 23cm SSB and/or FM. I have the sg-labs transverter and the PCB Yagi supplied by them. I realize this isn’t necessarily optimal but I have made a few contacts out 30-50 miles.

I’d like to bring the gear to the Lake District this coming weekend and wondered who amongst us is a 23cm chaser capable and interested in trying to setup a schedule?

If not amongst us, what groups or notice boards should I contact to find possible chasers?


Hi Paul,

I’m not coming to the LD gathering, but am hoping to join in the fun from a summit somewhere.

I have the same transverter and a slightly higher gain Yagi which I’d be happy to take out for SSB and/or FM contacts.
I’ll probably be in Wales or WB, and choosing a summit with good takeoff to the north.
I’ll keep an eye on the alerts and this thread, and I’ll post and alert once I’ve decided what to do.


Hi Paul,

I’ve already posted an alert for Saturday (18th) and intend to be QRV on 23cm both FM and SSB (and CW too if anyone wants) [as well as 2m] from G/LD-058 (Arnside Knott, the smallest SOTA summit in LD). I know at least two others have stated their 23cm QRV intentions too.

I’m also new to 23cm and have the SG-Labs transverter and ‘PCB’ antenna – I think you will be pleasantly surprised how well they work from a SOTA summit. I’m also taking a 13-element Yagi and tripod.

I’ve posted 12:00 UTC (1pm BST) but I’m driving 240 miles up from the south of England that morning to deliver my wife’s pot plants (prior to our house move to near Arnside on the 22nd May) so my arrival time is a rough estimate.

Hope to work you 23cm S2S.

73, Andy

Just looked at the alerts so far - 11:00 to 12:00 ish on Saturday is looking good…

I shall be in the Lake District for Friday and Saturday and will have 2M 23cm and 13cm. like most others it will be SG-Labs and PCB antenna.
I have not picked out any summits yet, but there are plenty to choose from, and they are all new to me.
73, Stuart

Good morning Stuart,

Let me know your thoughts with regards 13cms and I’ll Post your intentions on our GM13 Site. Maybe able to drum-up some business for you?

GL with your trip.



Thanks for all the responses and it does seem a few stations will be up and running 23cm.

Hope to make a S2S QSO with those active on 23cm.

Anyone around Friday who wants to try and nab a 23cm QSO or S2S?


I have just posted my alert for Saturday. G/LD-007.
I am aware other operators have plans to include this in their 2 or 3 summit day. Hopefully I shall not cause any problems if I stick to the higher bands.
If I get chance tonight to mackle up a mounting bracket, I may have a 17 ele for 13cms. otherwise it will be the PCB antenna as my other antennas are to large to carry to this summit.

Will be arriving in Windermere Friday afternoon, so an evening activation may be possible, (XYL dependant).

Morning All,
I will be roving on Saturday collecting and giving away points.
Will also take 23cm with me - either SG/Yagi or the trusty DGGJ-7 and PCB antenna.
Alerts will be added tomorrow after the LD weather report updates.

Hi Tim

I’m curious, what is a DGGJ-7?

Andrew VK1AD

Fingers out of control version of DJ-G7 ?

Hi Andrew
I should have gone to specsavers…
DJ-G7 Alinco super QRO 1w Handie :slight_smile:

The weather is looking better in Mid Wales, too, so I have alerted for Saturday 11:00 on GW/MW-013.
According to SotaMapping, this will give a path of just over 200Km to summits close to, or north off, Windermere.

SG Labs transverter and 15 ele Yagi on 23cm. Maybe a tad optimistic, but worth a shot.

If weather is poor, I will try for some S2S on other bands, as my 23cm setup is not very waterproof.

Incidentally, I’ve just ordered a 13cm SGLabs transverter, lead time currently 7 to 8 weeks, the Es’Hail effect, I guess!


Good man. Now I need you out in Wales to give me a new DXCC on 13cms SOTA :slight_smile:

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Change of summit for me. I’m collecting Paul HB9DST and we’re going to have a leisurely day working everyone else. Logistics of driving down from near Edinburgh into Windermere and then out to NP-land and back are a bit silly. I’d much rather take Paul out as he’s only here in the UK for a few days especially as I can grab the other hills almost whenever I like. So we’ll saunter up Gummer’s How LD-050 and probably Whitbarrow - Lord’s Seat LD-056 depending on WX and whether the siren-song of coffee and cake or worse, demon alcohol lure us down.

WX on Sunday looking better. Maybe an activation in NP-land on the way home.

Andrew @G4VFL, if you read this, some fool has put The Old Man of Coniston between you on Harter Fell and me on Gummer’s How. Can I suggest we can try reflections off Whitfell to your South East or out along the Wrynose Pass to Red Screes or maybe Helvellyn.

Good Adrian,

Looking forward to working you S2S. And like Andy GW will be new for me on 13.

And of course keep us up to date on GM13.


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Hi Stuart,

Following your Saturday morning posting for 1320.20 SSB (2320.200 of course - hi!) G/LD-007 this was linked to our GM13 CALENDAR for possible GM chasers. Though none of us are out on the hills due to the poor Dx. Pity - but?

GL and good to see you on 13.


Dreams do come true!!

Using my stock 2 element PCB Yagi, Andy G4AZS and I managed a 23cm SSB contact from Hellvelyn Ld-003 to mid Wales. Maybe that’s 200kms?


Hi Paul,

It was great to work you - I like your simple, elegant setup! Yes, the database calculates that the path was 218Km:

Thanks to Stuart @G1ZAR and Andrew @G4VFL for the other S2S contacts.

I just missed out with Andy MX0TA running FM and a smidge less power.

Glad it all went well up there, a great idea by Mark M0MON.

This is what my end of the QSOs looked like:



Upset we couldn’t make the 2-way Adrian. You were weak and scratchy but I could understand what you were saying. Need more watts and antenna gain my end.