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23/02/2019 I/LO-320 Palanzone & First qso in 160mt

Hi at All,
After one week of unusual weather, clear sky and 18-20 celsius degree, in the weekend the temperature drops down below zero celsius and the sky is cloudy.
This afternoon I decided to hike with my dog to Palanzone I/LO-320.
It was the opportunity for testing my antenna for 160mt, thanks to an ongoing CQ 160-Meter SSB Contest.
The antenna under consideration is a 1/8 L-inv with center load that consists in an inductance about 120uH, and 2 ground-radials 1/4 lambda long.
I used only one 10mt telescopic pole, it was better to use two for the orizzontal section of wire.
I turned on KX3 supplied with lipo battery 3S and setting a 10 watts power.
I tryed to heard and answer at some station that calling “cq contest”, without success! it was obvius!
My last hope was calling cq in cw, I tuned at 1.843 and I started to call. I looked on RBN website but no spot appared so I decided to selfspot on sotawatch.
I managed a qso with @HB9CGA, I passed rst 569 and received 349, qrb 180km. Thanks Ulrich!
Before qsy in 20mt ssb I tryed to call cq for few minutes more, hearing only a non-workable signal: probably with headphones I could have been able to listen that he was Fabio IK2LEY, that I contact some minute later in 20mt ssb.
At 14.325 ssb I was able to manage 5 qso, fortunately I activated the summit.
A pics of activation:

go Zac go!

the last step

the dog’s bowl is frozen

Thanks at all chasers!


Congratulations on your 160m contact - always a big challenge from a SOTA summit!
I have yet to complete a contact due to my coils being very sensitive to tune, I am hoping that by using an antenna analyser next time I try to be more successful.

Kind regards, Mark. M0NOM