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22.Sep. homebrew/qrp es sota-meeting

Hi all,
at 22.Sep. the hamradio/homebrew-party black-forest starts at 0700utc ( with open end ) in Achdorf near the border to hb9. sorry for infos in german only .
hope after the meeting i have more time for sota again…


vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to DF2GN:

Ohhlaah Klaus - Im on holiday from 22/9 - 29/9 in G/DC & G/SC land - hope for some s2s. Im staying in Torquay on SW coast.

In reply to DF2GN Klaus :same info as Klaus has mentioned but translated into english hope this helps others

DL-QRP-AG and SOTA invite all radio amateurs to participate in the 1st Black Forest meeting for radio amateurs.

After the idea in the QRPforum met broad agreement, a spatialness suitable by Klaus, DF2GN with support was found by some other COM. In addition, in the neighbourhood sufficiently place for radio amateurs with tent, camper or motor home is, it gives plentifully inexpensive pensions in the proximity.

The meeting takes place in oh village at Blumberg.

Owing to Helmut, DL2GFH OVV A52 we found in, nice Plätzchen. In the hall is sufficient place, and beside different small areas there is still restaurant operator/barkeeper shank in the front part. Besides there is still another smaller open area. In the close-convenient city Blumberg gives it then possibly if necessary still three additional conference rooms, which then für´s whole weekend for the order. The actual meeting is only once only planned for one day. In the closer environment gives two motor home parking bays. The situation in the country fits a meeting in the Black Forest so correctly. Approximately around the meeting ’ s gives each quantity to nature purely, e.g. the entrance is to the well-known rage oh ravine only few metres far away.

If the husbands of the participating YL should not have desire to sound oneself the amateur radio of lectures and also no need feel themselves to that endlessly long discussions over radio topics to take part, then there are objects of interest in the proximity plentifully. Exemplarily we would drive here as tip:
The Sauschwänzlebahn

and the rage oh ravine.

How it is right itself for a correct meeting of the DL-QRp-AG, it will give some exciting lectures.

Gerhard, DJ5AP, from Villingen, will report something (and also more) to us on those quadruple Quad for 144MHz with and without reflector. This then descriptive at bring along portable and stationary models describe.

QRPeter, DL2FI may not be missing naturally, for the Black Forest meeting however somewhat special invented: It will pull the conception through of the current developments this time together with other Peter, DK1HE. May make you calm on some for it.

In the name of the Berziegen of the SOTA - program will Ralf-DH3IAJ in good quality produced SOTA video to show and thus some paunches to zukünfigen mountain activities to rather surely induce.

That is not yet everything, but little surprise keep ourselves we in the rear spar and. We would like to stress however that the most important will be however at this meeting the possibility of the meeting. We want us under resembling ungezwungen over our kind of the amateur radio to maintain. Far off of association dairy-farm, ungezwungen however with ideals. Mutual helping works much better if one before met. Therefore out from the Shack, comes to the Black Forest meeting (and brings your family with). WHETHER DODLDKDJDH, whether CWSSBRTTYPSK, whether 2000er, hill or city park - with us everyone belongs to.

The amateur radio will again true if amateur radio becomes as it were.

73 de Klaus, DF2GN and Peter, DL2FI

Hope this helps get more intrest Klaus

Many thanks Gordon MM3XGP

PS: SOFTWARE FOR TRANSLATING CAN BE FOUND ON THIS LINK http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/index.html?new=0