22/1/2019 OE/KT-264 Zlannock.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 22/1/2019, I want to activate this summit. It’s never activated before. It’s a sixpointer plus winterbonus. If I will succeed is an open question. Because there is about 25 cm of snow and the temperature is around -5 degrees during the day. And about 10km walking one way up from the hotel. I have placed an alert. This I can customize any along the way if I arrive earlier or later. Planning is between 12 and 14:00h.
Rig KX-1, antenna HyEndFed 40/20/10. Power about 3 Watts. In principle I will continue to call for stations, until there will be no one returning. But if it is too cold, I’ll have to go QRT earlier.
Hope to hear you. 73.

Hi Tonnie,
Please leave an exact route plan and intended return time with your hotel reception (or with friends).

You never know what might happen and it’s better that someone has your route details.

Also, there’s no failure in turning back if it becomes too dangerous or difficult. It takes more “guts” to make the (right) decision to turn back than to carry on.

73 & good luck Ed DD5LP.

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Yes I will take care. If it’s getting to difficult I wil surely return.

73, Tonnie

I wish I had been home trying to work you. Good luck, I will listen for you on web sdr from Sweden.
73 de Jaan

I later listened to you on my radio and copied you well when you worked DL4KCA and ON4VT, well done Tonie!

Congratulations Tonnie! 599 ! Nice signal!
73, Sake

Thanks all chasers. It was not easy, but I made it. In totall I walked 30 km and it took me 8,5 hours from the hotel and back.
I made +/- 20 QSO’s. Only on 40 meter. I tried 20 meter, but no reply. Even the RBN did not picked up my CQ.
Nice wx, not to cold for my fingers when cw-ing. Sunny and no wind, temp abt -5. My bottle water was frozen. I carried the accu warm in my coat. And carried a spare one for the phone.
I will later post a video when it’s done.

73, de OE/PA9CW/p Tonnie


My video is live.

Thanks all chasers. 73, Tonnie de PA9CW


Great video and as I said before, a long walk for 16QSO.