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21st Century hobby

Just received news from my local Club here in Germany of a new video “Amateur radio - a 21st Century hobby” published by the RSGB:

It’s really good and is aimed at young people interested in technology, not only in Britain, but hopefully elsewhere.




Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Great video, well presented. Have posted a link on FB and Twitter.

Andrew VK1DA

Yes this has been announced in several podcasts, including the GB2RS news bulliten. Also of interest are the promotional videos produced by the Essex Ham group.

any one spot the most simple CW key.
Using a screw driver bit of wood and couple elastic bands :smile:


yes Karl, I saw that too.

A most peculiar type of key, requiring the operator to send short and long elements manually! My electronic keyer would be confused by that. :smile:

Andrew VK1DA