20m was open today

I have just got back from a great activation of VE6/RA-031, McLean Hill, one of the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, just SW of Calgary. When I planned the trip, I was somewhat concerned by the chatter I was hearing that the bands were not in good shape. Well, between 1800z and 1900z on Wed Feb 15, I managed 42 contacts on 14.325-ssb, but what contacts! I was just starting to call CQ and establish my presence on the band, when I was asked if the frequency was in use by a person in Valencia in Spain! What a great start! From there it just got better; New Zealand, Alaska, Germany, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland (twice), and a guy in California running 0.1 watts! And I don’t want to forget the regular SOTA chasers who always seem to make the contacts even when the bands are really not co-operating.

The weather was warm, sunny and calm with stunning views to the main ranges of the Rockies to the west. What a fabulous way to spend a day in the mountains.

Happy activating and chasing to all you SOTA folks,



Boy it sure was! I was excited to catch you on my lunch hour via Remote in Wisconsin. I enjoyed my sandwich and listening to you work all that DX. DX when SOTA makes me cheer out loud! I’m glad we still get the odd good day as the solar cycle continues to spit and sputter to the bottom.


It was great chasing you today. yes it was wide open and you were 59 and over. Hope to talk to you on Thursday:grinning:

Ian, Thanks for answering my call and the activation. You really made my day here. My first contact with VE on Sota. I was not sure if you heard me at first? Like many others I’m always listening in the hope of hearing DX Sota signals when I see a spot appear. My Grid Locator is IO72RC. My Rig is an FT950, 100W to a Home made inverted V Doublet. I have heard other NA Sota in the past and failed to make contact apart from one in the USA. Congratulations on the other contacts you made, I looked at your Log.

73’ Don GW0PLP.