20m ssb qso / N1EU

Hi barry N1EU,

you asked for and now i will send you a Photo from my tuner that i used on DM/BW-057. By the way, i had no problem with the tuner as i thinked in our qso due to the high cur on kx3. the kx3 switch back and back to 5 watt due to low batterie :wink:
worked also bill w4zv s2s with this antenna at my first qso ever with this tuner. but i forgot to go from tune to operate position and worked him with 6db less. in tune position the tx will never seen a lower swr as 1:2. its like the good old emtech zm2 but with some improvements like 2 outputs high-z and low-z. also u can add soem paralles c´s to enhance tuning. my english is not good enough to explain more so i send you also a photo from the circuit.
what i really like on this one is, that all is on a pcb…really rough and solid to use in field.its only to have as a kit.
the antenna at our qso was a vertical dipole 2x7mtrs with 300ohm twin line.

hope work you again,

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:

Thanks Klaus, that looks like a fb SOTA tuner and certainly works very well based on your signal. You consistently have one of the strongest SOTA signals out of Europe!

73, Barry N1EU