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20m CW chasers

I had a whale of a time yesterday on Deuchary Hill CS-108 with fairly huge pile-ups on both 40m CW and 20m CW. The full report will come when I get time. I would like to thank the 20m CW chasers who were calling for being so well behaved. I worked right around Europe from SM, OH, LY, UA, OM, OE. OK, DL, HB9, IK, EA & CT: a fairly impenetrable wall of Eu chasers indeed.

I could tell from the sudden increase in callers I had been spotted and after a while I was sure that if any NA chasers could hear me they’d be calling but I wouldn’t be able to hear them due to the number of stronger, nearer stations. I sent "DX ONLY = USA " and to the credit of all the chasers calling, they all stood by. There in the background was Rich N4EX calling for me and with the ensuing silence, he was easy to work. No other VE or US stations heard though.

Thank you very much to all who were calling and stood by allowing me to work Rich. Your understanding, patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated. I had such a ball on 20m that I’m actively working on making the antenna easier to deploy and use.


Oh dear - you are coming over to the dark side quickly now! For some real “fun” on 20m CW, mention on the WFF reflector what your likely QRV times and QRG will be, and when you self-spot at the start of your activation, mention “Also WFF GMFF-xyz” in the comments field.

And make sure you have plenty of pages left in your waterproof notepad!


In reply to M1EYP:

Ah yes, I think we should refer to you as “Machine Gun Tommy”. I heard this call on 40m that started with an M then a number that wasn’t a 0 and then proceeded to rattle away at about 25wpm. After the sonic boom had passed I thought that it could only be you and replied. Well it took me 2 or 3 attempts to send M1. I don’t hear many G1/M1 calls on the key so sending M1 became a bit of a finger twister :wink:

I find it amusing I’m the top CW activator for QSOs in GM for 2012 on 40,30 and 20m!