20k S2S for DL6FBK - Done

Dear Paul, you are close to 20000 S2S points, what an achievement!
Maybe it works today and maybe I can help you with it.
73 Chris


Dear Chris, Thank you for your message and attention. It was my personal goal
to achieve this score. I gladly accept the offer to help and hope that we can meet us for an S2S next time, but today it isn’t possible. perhaps on thursday? I would be happy!
best 73’ Paul DL6FBK


Congratulations on the 20K! Onwards and Upwards!


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Hallo Paul

Herzlichen Glückwunsch auch von mir zu diesem “Meilenstein”!

Mit zunehmendem Erfolg werden die Distanzen immer größer. Ich hoffe, du bleibst am Ball (Berg!)!

Viele Grüße - Armin

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Dear Paul,
congratulations on the 20k S2S points. You are - well deserved and unrestricted - at the top of the winner’s podium in DL.

I wish you never stop enjoying Sota. And I’m always happy about your positive and friendly charisma.

73 Chris