I am getting excited about this trip. Well, not so much the 19 hours of driving to get there but looking forward to activating some W1 summits and seeing everyone. I will start on my way up this Friday so I have been getting gear ready to go this weekend. Here’s a map of my potential summits - no way that I can even do half of them and due to lingering injuries I will probably be doing easier hikes, but let me know if anyone is interested in joining me on any of these. All would be completes so any that I can do will make me happy.

73, pat - ki4svm

Check your email.
Mike, WB2FUV

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Just wanted to say I completely forgot this was coming up, which is probably a good thing hihi. My oldest son has a SEAPERCH International competition outside of DC on Saturday 4 June. That being said I’m going to drive up Friday morning and attempt to do:
W3/CR-001 W3/CR-002 W3/CR-003 and possibly W3/WE-004 and W3/WE-007

It’s a bit of a tall order but 3 of them are drive ups or close to drive ups. Maybe if some of y’all start Friday we can get some S2S in the log.

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Good luck out there, Beau! There should be a number of activators out on that Friday. I will be out activating from Monday, May 30 - Thursday, June 9.

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