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2022 Five Backpackers Contests

Hi all,

This years five Backpacker Contests are in the Calendar !!

1st is on Sunday 22nd May 2022 from 1100 to 1500 UTC (I Will miss this one due to a well deserved rest in Foreign Climbs although will be visiting 4 CT SOTA Summits while there :grinning: )

2nd is on Sunday 12th June 2022 from 0900 - 1300 UTC I will be operating on G/SP-014 Longridge Fell (Alert on Sotawatch)

3rd is on Sunday 3rd July 2022 from 1100 to 1500 UTC I will be operating from G/WB-004 Titterstone Clee Hill (Alert on Sotawatch) This one coincides with VHF NFD

4th is on Saturday 30th July 2022 from 1400 to 1800 UTC I will operating from G/WB-015 Callow Hill (Alert on Sotawatch)

5th is on Sunday 4th September from 1100 to 1500 UTC I will be operating from G/SP-012 Easington Fell (Alert on Sotawatch)

As I always say, “best laid schemes of mice and men” to quote Robert Burns, there are factors to change these plans, WX, Family Issues and for me Health issues!!

But I must say, I have always thought that the Backpackers Contests run in parallel to SOTA as both require you to be out and about and totally Portable???

There are 2 levels of Ops for all the Backpackers Sessions: 5 Watts " Backpacker " and 25 watts " Hilltoppers " The only Difference for SOTA is Hilltoppers are allowed to operate from a Motor Vehicle UNLIKE SOTA!! :ok_hand:

I also believe there is a stronger possibility of getting at least the 4 contacts required for qualifying the summit??? :wink:

“FINGERS CROSSED” :crossed_fingers: it all works out as planned Hey???

looking forward to playing Radio up the hills again

73 Tony de G1JPV