2020 SOTA Newcomer presentation at Grand Garage Makerspace, Linz Austria

Hello everyone,

I gave again a SOTA newcomer presentation last Thursday 16th of January at the Grand Garage Makerspace.
Target audience have been new YLs and OMs that just successfully got the licence and interested guests from the makerspace. Apart from SOTA other topics on the agenda have been Microwave up to 244 GHz (by OE5VRL, OE2IGL and OE2JOM), HAMNET and QO-100 ( by OE5RNL), Digital Repeaters (by OE5PON) and Sporadic-E (by OE5JEL).

It was even streamed to YouTube but unfortunately because of a mistake no audio recording was recorded during my talk.

The slides in pdf-format are in Austrian-German language :wink: (typos are free of charge) and can be found here:

I was especially highlighting that for answering SOTA calls there is no need to register and log online. This was good news for experienced hams that did not come back to SOTA calls because they thought they will need to do something afterwards. So I am looking forward to more contact in OE5.

In addition I was showing 3D printed parts I build for SOTA and ham radio in general. Those raised quite some interest by newcomers and experienced hams alike.

73 de Joe


Hi Joe
Very nice presentation. I learned a lot about the different sota & log tools.

73 Sabrina HB3XTZ

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Da hast ja eine super Präsentation zusammengestellt :smiley::smiley::+1::+1:.
Ich stell’ sie dann gleich auf die SOTA-Seite!
Wollte eigentlich dabei sein, hab’ dann aber leider keine Fahrgelegenheit gehabt.

Danke und 73,

Vielen Dank euch beiden fĂĽr das Lob :smile:

Schade Sylvia. Beim nächsten Mal dann in FH :wink:
Es ist eine Weiterentwicklung vom Vortrag beim Fieldday Prandegg 2019.

73 Joe

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Hallo Joe,

Super Präsentation die du gemacht hast.
Den punkt ĂĽber OM die nicht antworten weil die glauben es muss noch dazu etwas gemacht werden ist effektiv wichtig. MĂĽssen wir auch hier in F weiterleiten.
Laurent de F8CZI

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Hallo Joe,

nette Präsentation über unser Hobby :+1:

73 de Marcel DM3FAM