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2017 qrpttf/sota

This year’s joint QRPTTF and SOTA QRP event will be held on:

SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 2017 from 0800-1800 your local time.

This year’s theme is to operate from near a river or stream for the x3 multiplier. Of course, SOTA stations also receive the x3 multiplier (I haven’t seen too many rivers on a summit!).

Rules, information, and babbling comments here:

QRPTTF participants enjoy the additional challenge of working the SOTA stations, and as always, each SOTA summit worked is an SPC multiplier for more QRPTTF points.

So hope you plan a nice SOTA outing on April 22 to join the fun and to have plenty of chasers to work for good scores for both SOTA and QRPTTF.

72, Paul NA5N
Socorro, NM on the Rio Grande


Thank you for continuing to incorporate SOTA activators in QRPTTF. We will be there!

72, Fred KT5X (aka WS0TA)