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2016 year of the K


Further details above

Been informed about this special call letter for Cornish operators namely K
So will be applying for this 2016 special call letter to add to mine.

So all being well will be operating as MK3FEH MK3FEH/p from Cornish Sotas note only. So during 2016 will have to get me butt out there for the Cornish summits with that call.This only apply,s to operators with Cornish county issued licences and not visitors out side the county.

Roll on 2016



Any idea how many K’s there are going to be, Karl? The prefix hunters will be after you guys in force!


Only thing can say is how many stations in Cornwall and will they all go for the K in 2016 let alone how many know about it. But will be one of them or at least apply come Nov.

Only found out me self via DD5LP (Cheers ED)


I am going to apply for GG3NYY for “Gloucestershire”, as we are a county and Duchy as well.


Walt (G3NYY)

But are you a minority county that,s recognised now :scream:


I do wonder what that is all about. I mean, with all due respect to Mebyon Kernow the last native speakers of the Cornish language died over two hundred years ago leaving so few written fragments that when it was reconstructed in the early part of the 20th century they had to import a good deal from Breton, Welsh and Middle English to cobble together a working language. Still, whatever floats their boat!


It’s about the regulator actually thinking about the issue and coming up with an idea that works.

We’ve had GA/MA as a prefix on 2 occasions now in Scotland to celebrate something. It was popular and hardly needed much input from the regulator i.e. it didn’t cost much to implement. The initial permanent K for Cornwall being announced came when other changes were being discussed and didn’t make sense. Having been informed by someone on the inside of some of the background to why that happened and how daft it made the regulator look, this new policy is eminently sensible. It allows Cornish amateurs to have a bit of fun for a fixed period before things go back to normal.

I’m sure the regulator has braced themselves for every Tom, Dick and Harry in the country to come up with reasons why they should have a special prefix and if those requesting have a sensible plan that ties in with something local, you may see more of this. If it doesn’t cost anything much and people enjoy it then there really is nothing to discuss.

As it is Karl, you’ll get bored of saying MK3FEH fairly quickly, I know I used a MA prefix for a while the 1st time but I think I only used it once the second time because reprogramming the CW keyer was too big a pain in the bum. As soon as you see nobody being able to log your call correct or you having to give your prefix many times for each QSO will soon become tiring as it did for me.

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So it did for me when I used AM02IF last year. Authorisations to make callsigns shorter are cool and welcome but making them longer soon become tedious.
There’s also the story with creating new accounts or including the new callsign on e-QSL and LOTW. More tedium… :frowning:
Anyway, good luck and have fun with your MK preffix, Karl.

73 de Guru

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