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2009 Ham14er/VHF - NØB with Rooster & Peanut -

Folks, Here’s the ‘VHF version’ of the Ham14er/N0B video …the ‘HF version’ will follow along end of next month!

My hope is this video not only captures the effort that goes into hiking a 14er but mostly the fun, thrill and excitement of standing on a 14er and working kindred spirits! …be they on other 14ers or at lower elevations. It’s a real thrill trust me!

NOTE: this video G-rated …says Peanut “G” as in Goat

The adventure continues stay tuned for the ‘HF version’ with more FUN & DX

73, Steve …wGØAT/R&P

In reply to WG0AT:

Hi Steve

Great video, I imagine that the air was getting a little thin at those
altitudes. Am glad to see the event is so well prepared and successful.
Thanks for posting the video on the SOTA reflector, as i’m sure many activators will be interested and inspired by the 14er radio event in Colorado. Regards to Guy N7UN, R&P.


Robert G0PEB