20 000 SOTA QSO's - all with 1 watts homemade trcv's

Today I got over 20,000 QSO as activator. (According to the SOTA database)

Thank you all for SOTA QSO, special thanks go to Fred DL1FU carried out for 696 QSO.

Alternately, I used one of the three homemade trcv’s in the picture.

Antenna : GP, inverted V




Congratulations Jan. Thank you for all the contacts we had.

73, Hans PB2T

Congrats Jan, well done!
Rigs and achievement are simply excellent!
73 cu, Heinz HB9BCB

Congratulations, Jan, for such amazing achievement.
I chased you this morning. I wasn’t aware you were QRP 1 watt only. VY GD!
Your homebrew rigs look great. Congrats for the good design and manufacturing work. I love all three!
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Congrats Jan… thanks for all the qso’s hpe cuagn sn 73’s
Karel ON4FI

Well done Jan and thanks for the QSOs.

Interesting rigs. Can you tell us anymore about the design?
They look great.


Ahoj Honzo gratulujeme ti, opravdu skvela práce at se nadále dari a hodne krasnych spojeni a peknych chvil na kopcich SOTA.
73 de David OK4KOP a Michal OK9KOP

Hi Jan congratulations to you, a really good job at it continues to thrive and connected a lot of beautiful and nice moments on the hill SOTA.
73 de OK4KOP David and Michal OK9KOP

Congratulations dear Jan and thank you for all qso´s, which we had previously.

vy73 “Frank”, DL2EF

Nice rigs!

Congratulations, and thanks for QSOs.

73, Colin M1BUU

Congratulations. It is always a pleasure to work you Jan.


Congratulations Jan… Please to heard you as chaser or activator :wink:
Heard you soon

Great Job Jan, Of course Thanks to you for all QSO.
C U next and wish us a long SOTA life :wink:
73 QRO

You go like the wind, and are a FB op Jan. I can usually hear you well enough for a QSO on 20/30/40 CW but I often miss out on a QSO despite being in the shack, but doing other work…that’s my fault for not paying attention hihi! Your home brew gear is a credit to you. Hoping for many more QSOs with you both activating and chasing in future years, long may we prevail!

73 Phil


FB Jan, my pleasure always to work you … gd dx!
73 Stu/Gordon G4FGJ

Congratulations Jan. Thank you for all the contacts we had. But also you find me Always as activator! So we had many S2S contacts.

Hi Jan

Well done with your TRX homemade!
Tnx for all qsos we had, the last one yesterday when I was at CT/AL-004.

It’s always a pleasure to have you on my activator log.


Congratulations Jan for the unbelievable amount of qso’s and the impressive homebrwe-skills.

73, Alex, DL1AIW.

Hi Jan,
Congratulations for your great achievement.
It’s always a pleasure to work you.
Steffen, DL3JPN

(You have all noticed the date of the original post, right?)

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