20,000 Finally

Thank You all the activators. This morning I finally reached the 20,000 point level as a chaser, working Tom/W1PTS on W4T/SU-005. A great moment for me. Now on to the next level. Come on Sun Spots……
de John Paul//AB4PP


Hello John Paul,

Thanks for your chasing.

73, Jarek

Congratulations! Well deserved.

I wonder how chasing will go for the foreseeable future with the travel limitations.

Congratulations John Paul!!! Well done…
Always a pleasure to work you.

Congratulations JP! But I see you are getting closer to me. I need to upload my most recent chases to forestall the inevitable. Thanks for chasing me on all those summits.

Dean ~ K2JB

Well done JP ! I always enjoy hearing your AB4. Keep on calling.

I am confined to the house because of the Virus…hee hee…
So I have to try to catch you and Rich…that’s a joke.
But I try…Derek turned me into a real chaser…hee hee…
CU on the bands.
de John Paul // AB4PP

Congrats John Paul. Always nice to hear your strong signal, here in Pennsylvania. I’m with you on better times with the sunspots. 73 Scotty