20,000 chaser points on CW

After 8 1/2 years of chasing you activators from AZ (my first, George WB5USB), FL, CA and UT, I made it today thanks to W7JET, Brian in AZ !
Thanks so much Brian, it was tough today, you were weak, and I was just as bad !
Had the KX2 at 10 watts into my AXE1 on 40m.
Also want to thank Andy, N4LAG and George, KX0R for getting me to the edge this morning and Brian put me over !!
Also thank to the many activators who have graced my logbook since I started, this is truly an addicting hobby SOTA !
I’m tired and gonna take a break for a bit before the YL dumps me…LOL !
72/73 de Ed
Nephi, UT


Nice job.

Thanks Carl !

Good work Ed!

We have had a lot of QSO’s from here in AZ for sure!



Well done Ed, a great effort. :grinning: :beers:

Cheers, Geoff vk3sq

Yes we have Pete, thanks !

Thanks Ken, still have the VW van ?

Thanks Geoff, a lot of hours in front of the radio for sure !!

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Nice job, well done.
I chase with 5W QRP and a 9ft (3m) long whip antenna.
Patric ON4BCA

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Always nice to work you, Ed. Not very many chasers from Utah! 73.

Congratulations, Ed and thanks for many chases over the years! 73 de K9PM

Congratulations, Ed! I was always happy when I could get a FL qso with you in the log. 73, Peter KD0YOB

Excellent ED!
Enjoy your break and hope to hear you on Cw again soon.

Congrats Ed! Always great to work you. For a while you were often the only FL signal making it into my log. Hope you are enjoying the new QTH and hope your break is not too long!
Keith KR7RK

Admirable commitment Nephi, well done!