2 that "got away" from G/SP-002

Today was sunny & dry so I decided to activate G/SP-002 in my lunch break :wink:
As temperatures slowly climb above freezing, this summit shows its true colours as one of the boggiest in G land.
I switched the ft857 on which was tuned to 5.4035Mhz (ch FM) to hear K1GUN calling cq pacific. I did call him but he didnt answer. Not unusual to hear Stateside on 60m during darkness - but at 1116 utc 3 hours after sunrise ! A move to 40m & info from GW0DSP informed me of G6SFPs qrg, I tuned in just in time to hear Nigel announce he was going to 20m, he was 5/3 on Black Hill for info. No pileups today - must be the mid week blues.
As I walked back to the car, the fog was coming up the valley at an alarming rate to swallow both the car & the summit with associated drop in temperature.
A slow fog bound drive back to Glossop followed - including the suicidal junction where the Holmes Moss road joins the Woodhead road.

In reply to G1INK:

Shame I missed you Steve, especially as you heard me calling !. Signals seemed good on 60m & 80m. The sun was out until about 12 and then the fog reappeared.

After a lifetime of calling cq on 17m, ZS6NJ came back to me. I also heard VK6LC chatting to a G as well, but it was the G stations frequency and he was not sharing …

I tried 10m after being prompted by your post the other day, but nothing came of it.

Nigel. G6SFP.

In reply to G1INK:

Wow! Hearing John K1GUN at that time of day is great what a pity you couldn’t have worked him. I have worked John a few times in the late evening and have heard him loads of times at around midnight and once or twice at around breakfast time. Maybe it is a omen maybe we are climbing out of the RF doldrums at last; I hope so.

TNX 4 SP-002

73 Steve GW7AAV