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2 New Associations and 2 Updates

I’m delighted to announce 2 new associations have gone live and 2 associations have been updated.

New associations: Estonia ES, USA West Virginia W8V
Updated associations: Greece SV, Spain (South) EA7

Estonia is not a very hilly place but along with AM Gary Hess ES1WST, we have been able to find 3 summits that qualify. If there were more we’d have added them.

West Virginia is a much bigger association of approx. 350 summits spread over 8 regions. AM is John Huggins KX4O.

Spain’s update is to delete 4 duplicated summits. These were found during the initial validation of this associations data but slipped through due to finger trouble and sneaked in when the association went live last month.

Greece has been updated with new summits and revised positions.

This brings the current totals to 71 active associations, 619 regions and 54133 summits. You’d think that would be enough but there are many more associations in production!

Please join me in thanking both the AMs and my colleagues on the MT for the work that goes into locating, documenting, verifying and handling associations.

These updates are now active on the database so you can activate/chase and log them. They will appear on SOTAwatch for spotting and alerting, along with their ARMs in the very near future.

Andy, MM0FMF

Fantastic work! Keep them coming!
Thank you!

In reply to MM0FMF:

Many thanks to you Andy and the whole MT for the work you do. It’s always great news to hear about all the new summits to chase (or activate - West Virginia is too far from my home in SP, but Estonia isn’t).

By the way, could you offer an estimate on the release date of the new updated ARM for SP SOTA Association? Few months ago I have heard on the local SP SOTA reflector (http://sota-sp.iq24.pl) that a new summit has been added (Wierzbanowska Góra SP/BZ-080 ), which happens to be very close to my home QTH. However, with the ARM update pending the MT approval, the summit is not yet available in the database, so I suppose it is best to wait with the activation. Do you have an idea how long it might take?


In reply to SQ9OZM:

Marcin, some day the band conditions will improve again and West Virginia will be easy for SP. Maybe even Idaho. Hoping for that.

And thank you to MM0FMF and the whole management team for your hard work!!!

73 de Jim Kornacki, KG7E