2 july 2023 Multiact. On Lario's triangle with N6AN

I had the great pleasure to share some hours with David @N6AN. For his visit in Italy he planned to stay also three days in Canzo village, a few km from my qth. After some exchange of mails, messages and calls, David and I organized for a Multi activation. The idea was to concatenate three summits of Triangle of Lario: mt Preaola I/LO-266, Bollettone I/LO-333 and Palanzone I/LO-320. Sunday morning at 5:00 UTC I drove to Canzo first to pick up David and then to Colma di Sormano, where we started to hike along the path that conduce to Preaola.

it is a very quiet place, out of classic touristic route.

David in activation on Preaola.

we had a quick activation because the path for reaching the other two summits was a little bit long. For the second summit we targeted to Bollettone. After having reached the top, we met an ham microwaver that was testing 10Ghz dish. I installed a 2mt slim Jim made with 450ohm ladder on fishing pole: my first three qsos were s2s, one of this with @F4IVI from f/am-280 QRB about 270km: many thanks for qso and for had worked also David.

Giglio Martagone

I passed to work in HF cw. After an hour we started to walk to last summit of the day, Palanzone.

We reached Palanzone and we started to activate the third summit in relaxed way. Of course we focused to work high band in the attempt to made a qsos with DX stations.

I worked LW8DO in ten meters and also David worked a DX with Canadian stations.

We were tired and satisfied for the long trekking and multiactivation. We returned at home at about 06:00pm UTC, after having catched 12 points and had a lot of enjoy. I left David at B&B but on my way home I regretted not having organized a dinner with him. The day after I saw that I/N6AN was working from mt. Scioscia. After having chased him in ten meter cw, I sent a message to invite him for dinner and two hours later David was at my home to eat pizza with me, my wife, our daughter Sara and our two weeks old son Edoardo. They were two unforgettable days, David is a great OM, great hiker and also a lovely person!

Thanks you All
Roberto iw2obx


My dear Roberto,
Thank you for the wonderful report and photos of our triple activation day!
My sincere apology for taking so long to respond.
Completing Lario’s Triangle is possibly the longest SOTA outing of my career. What a superb challenge! The weather cooperated giving us some cloudy shade and no rain.
Here are some of my photos of our 12 hour day on the trail.

I really like Roberto’s straight key thigh clip.
The gliders were impressive. And each time they rotated in front of us we could hear the wind whistling over/under their wings.
The next evening the heavens had finally waited enough. Around 2130 it began to rain hard with continual lightning discharge and thunder. What a show! it was a wet drive back to Canzo.
Thank you again, Roberto, and my best wishes to your wife and children.
73, David N6AN


Thank you for the reports and photos…

It makes me really want to be active again soon in this beautiful area…

73 Armin


Hi Dear David,
Many thanks for your reports and pics.
Happy to have spent a day with you.
I hope to contact you in transatlantic s2s!
iw2obx Roberto