2 expensive points in Mt. Belogain EA2/NV-107 by EA2IF/P on 20/11/2021

I chose for today a 2 pointer that I had never activated before, but I had chased 3 times, so this new unique would give me a complete.
It’s located to the North-East of Pamplona and the fastest route selected by my Tomtom made a total of 34Km from my QTH in Pamplona to the very small village of Leyún.

This was my parking spot:

The ascent started right to the left after having passed the church of the village:

The GPS track I followed and the elevation profile can be seen here:

Since the begining, the track goes through forest with oak trees and many other trees I can’t unfortunately name:

The path was not this wide all the time and narrowed further, but it was very easy to follow all the time:

However, I had to crawl in a couple of spots:

At some points, the track got out of the forest and offered views like this, where some of the higher Pyrenees mountains can be seen with some snow but not much.

And this panoramic I made by connecting 3 pictures together for you to see it the same way I did:

A narrower path kept going upwards:

And a new spot offered views towards the city of Pamplona:

Finally, after some really steep sections, I reached to the summit 1 hour and 22 minutes after the start.

I arrived later than my alerted start time, so I editted my alert and changed the start time from 11:00 to 12:15, after which I setup like this:

See following how I attached the 7m long fishing rod to the tree:

The antenna was a 10m long endfed sloper to a 9:1 unun from which a 5m long counterpoise wire was extended over the bushes towards the North-Northwest.
The rig was my usual FT-817ND at 5W always helped by my MFJ-941B antenna tuner.

This is the view I had from my operating spot, with Mt. Adi EA2/NV-017 in the centre:

Mt. Adi is the first SOTA I activated back in November 2013.

In this other picture of the same view, the elevated counterpoise wire can be seen

The activation went like this:

  • 40m CW: 22 QSOs, 1 of which S2S in 20 minutes.

  • 30m CW: 22 QSOs, 2 of which S2S in 20 minutes.

  • 20m CW: 20 QSOs, 1 of which S2S, 1 DX Canada and 1 DX USA.

  • 15m CW: 1 QSO

  • 20m SSB: 1 S2S

  • 15m CW: 1 S2S with Brazil. My very first one! :v:

  • 20m SSB: 1 S2S

  • 40m SSB: 1 S2S

  • 20m SSB: 17 QSOs, 1 og which S2S in 15 minutes.

The first QSO was logged at 12h17z and the last one at 14h29z. At this point I made QRT because I was starting to feel a bit cold and I didn’t want to descend in the dark.
In summary, I logged 86 QSOs, 9 of which S2S, 1 dx Canada, 1 dx USA and 1 dx S2S with Brazil. And also Malta and Canary Islands.
This is the full log:

You can see it on the following map:

Descent took me 50 minutes and I can tell you that it was a very enjoyable time in the mountain.
Thanks dear chasers, for your calls and QSOs. I’ll be looking forward to copying you all again soon from a SOTA.




I was only on 20m today and saw your spot and heard your chasers but I couldn’t hear you. I was too close I think. It sounded very busy! :slight_smile:

Well done for another productive activation. :slight_smile:

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Hi Guru, well done with this activation. Great achievement/ :+1:

Cheers :beers:

Geoff vk3sq

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Great photos and what a nice summit to activate, thanks for the report Guru. On your map I recognised some place names from my trip in 2019.

73 Andrew VK1DA/2uh

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Thanks for sharing your impressions and the great photos, Guru!
Congrats on your first S2S-QSO with PY :+1:

73, Roman

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Nice Report Guru.
Great QSO rate.
Why were the 2 points so expensive? I must be dumber that dumb but don’t get it. Fuel costs? Car impounded? Or does it relate to the large number of contacts you had for the two points?
I know one or two operators who think any more than 4 QSOs is a waste of electricity.

Well done regardless.



Hi Ron,
Thanks for your comments.

Sorry for not making it clear in my write up, but the 2 points were expensive because 1h 22minutes hiking with quite steep slopes on several sections required quite a big effort to me, bearing in mind that I had not properly hiked over several weeks and also that after my every morning pills (300mg of encorafenib), within my current treatment against my cancer, I tend to feel a bit low for some time while my body tries to absorve and process the pills.
Seeing how easily others earn 8 or 10 points activating driveup summits in other associations, I consider the 2 points I earned yesterday were expensive.

it’s clear those are not enjoying ham radio and operating on the bands the same way I do.




I understand Guru,

A nice activation well executed. I would say it was a great achievement, well done. In fact I would say ANY activation successfully completed is a great achievement.
Even the one 3 years ago when my mast snapped on my 4th QSO just after working IK2LEY. Then my right quad tendon ruptured at the start of the decent necessitating a 5 hr “one leg and a walking pole” decent ending in darkness. This was still a great achievement. Incidentally that put me in dock (as a ship would) for 6 months. It is all a point of view.

Keep taking the pills…



Hey as long as you don’t over do it Guru. I think anyone with the illness you have does fantastic to get about at all. Stay safe and well mate. Thanks for the contact.
Best 73


Now I understand. Perhaps it’s an investment in priceless happy memories. I would have found it “expensive” without your pills. Good luck and good DX.



Hi Guru,

congratulations for your fine DX and thanks for your report and the pictures!

But you had 10 times more experience!!!

73, Ludwig


Thank you for the summit report and the DX QSO from EA2/NV-107. It is true that some 1-point or 2-point small mountains require more time and effort to reach than some higher peaks, but often equal pleasure in radio operating.

I write this at home waiting for you to appear on 20M CW from EA2/NV-145…1404Z and there you are !!! So glad to beat the spot and the pileup.
Stay well my friend & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV

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Thank you so much, dear Mike, for chasing me. I was delighted with having you again in my logs. You are now becoming one of the regulars. I hope it will be like that for long.


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Hi Guru,

I enjoyed reading about your activation and looking at your photos, QSO map and log. It looks like you had a nice hike with great results! I hope to work you S2S very soon.


Paul K9PM


Dear Paul,
Thanks for your post.
I’m glad to read that you enjoyed my report. Yes, the expedition was a big success and highly enjoyed.
Now I don’t think on the points and just hold very good memories from the people I spoke to at the village, the hike, the SOTA activation and the log.
I hope you are doing fine back in the US.
Conditions were good yesterday and I chased Pete WA7JTM activating in W7A, so I should be able to chase you in case you go out and activate some SOTA over there.
I’ll be looking forward to it.



Many thanks for another excellent report Guru. I missed it previously as I’ve been involved with other things, like activating. Accruing great memories of my own. :grinning:

Take care and keep safe. Hope to work you again soon.

73, Gerald