2 chaser points anyone?

Dad’s Taxis is running tonight. 1930 drop-off, 2130 pick up.

Time for G/SP-015 & G/SP-013 in between - if I get my skates on.

Be at your radios, local FM chasers!

Monday 14th January 2018 - The Cloud G/SP-015 & Gun G/SP-013

Well Paul @M0PLA in Telford got them both!

7 QSOs on The Cloud. 4 on Gun. All 2m FM with the handie.

Pleasant couple of walks. The gales had calmed right down.

Now time for a different type of FM radio - my son Liam’s weekly programme on Canalside Radio 102.8. It’s a small scale station and the signal only covers Macclesfield, Bollington, Wilmslow and Poynton, but the internet means you can listen from anywhere in the world - so if you like proper old fashioned radio and good interesting music, have a click on https://canalsideradio.net/player/index.htm


If anyone tuned into Late Night Liam on 3m FM last night, I hope you enjoyed it and emailed in your feedback to the station.

Tuesday 15th January 2018 - The Cloud G/SP-015 & Gun G/SP-013

Similar routine tonight, a bit of a time window between dropping Liam off at the pub (on this occasion) and picking him up.

Remarkably, it was 7 contacts on The Cloud, then 4 on Gun. Again. All on 2m FM with the handheld.