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2-3 TRX from same summit?

we are just prepearing some SOTA activations - and we plan be qrv with 3 stn at the same time on 3 different bands - same summit!
Has anyone some info, if that works or not?
TRX: K1, KX1 and FT817… with 3 different antennas…

Tnx for some posts :slight_smile:

In reply to DK1AX:

Hi Klaus,

There should not be any problems with those transceivers if you are not too close together as they are all QRP. I have been part of a group of 6 on a summit running a combination of HF and VHF and we experienced very little interference and that was running up to 40 watts output. I would suggest that if you are using dipoles then you do not align them all in the same direction and that you space yourselves out on the summits if you are able to.

As long as you are not operating on the same band at the same time, I am sure that you will be okay. I regularly run an 817 on 10MHz when another 817 is in use on 7MHz on the summit or 7MHz when 5MHz is in use without any problems.

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to DK1AX:

I have had that idea too. For a single operator no problem since only one TX is working at a time. I prepared a cable to listen one band with my right ear and the other with left ear. The other possibility would be to use a CQ machine on VHF and monitor the noise while working stations on HF. Then QRX on HF if anybody replies on VHF. The summit should have enough space to put up the two antennas however.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to OH7BF:

The summit should have enough space to put up the two antennas however.

Hi Jaakko,

I usually use a single pole to support a multiband dipole for 60m/40m/30m and a 2m 5 element + 70cms 8 element yagi at the same time.

The idea of separating the headphones is worth considering - that way I might be able to pick up a few S2S contacts on 2m FM while working HF CW, though I suspect my concentration would instantly evaporate when someone came up on 2m. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG