1st ZL-EA2 QSO (at least for me!) Beautiful day, s

Today has been a beautiful day, in every sense!

After a couple of weeks in which it hasn’t been possible due to our different work schedules, I met my old friend Marcial EA2BDS to make a new SOTA activation. That could be enough…

Later, while at the summit, we have received the visit of Dani EA2DFG, (he will be involved as our next victim onto SOTA fever, for sure!).

We chose Ereñozar, EA2/BI-057 as heavy rains were announced, and there is a small forest-chapel that allowed us to cover out from moist and rain.

BUT, having had already the pleasure of working new and old friends (Hi, Iñaki, Tonnie, Juerg, Roy, and so many others…!) and after having Marcial worked VK again, I had the day “cherry of the cake” (as it’s said here):

My first QSO with ZL, when Simon ZL4PLM, has been so kind to call me -on 10 Mhz!- while I was working with a simple inv. V dipole and FT-817 giving aprox 8 watts…

This was a clear case in which HE worked me :wink: as I was on the EU pile-up when he came with more than 579/589 sigs.

Today has been a beautiful day, in every sense!

73 de Mikel

Some stats:

DATE: 2014-01-19
REF: EA2/BI-057
QSOs: 97 (FM:4, CW: 67, SSB: 26)
S2S QSOs: 6.
COUNTRIES: 26. (CT3, DL, EA, EA8, EU, F, G, GI, GM, GW, HA, HB9, I, LA, LY, OE, OH, OK, OM, ON, PA, S5, SP, W, YO, ZL)
LONGEST QSO: ZL4PLM, 10 MHZ, 20,370 km

In reply to EA2CW:
Zorionak Mikel!!!
Congratulations Mikel!!!

In reply to EA2CW:
Agur Mikel
Super Bravo…!
Andre - f5ukl

In reply to EA2CW:


Mikel Well, next grabs the microphone, and do S2S, I was in EA2/BI-063 Lemoatxa, and also the shelter of a chapel, and made contact with in 24 mhz EA2BDS Marcial …

Greetings EC2AG Antonio

In reply to EA2CW:

Well done Mikel and Marcial!
How lucky you were to log such a qso!
These are things that are well engraved in our memories forever…

Do you know I tried to catch you when on 24 & 14 MHz but no chance, being so close each other!! Curious thing this HF, hi hi.

I hope you’ll have many more chances for extreme DX, take the chance of current propagation; we’re going to miss it on the coming years.

Take care on the summits, VY 73
Ignacio EA2BD

In reply to EA2BD:
Hello, Ignacio
I heared you calling several times, but you didn’t answer me… Your signal -as mine, I guess- were pretty low, but enough to QSO…

Perhaps you might travel to ZL to talk with me…


Vy 73 de Mikel

In reply to EC2AG:

Hello Antonio,

As you can see at the statistics of the activation, this was the first time I caught -seriously- the mike and I did 30 QSO on FM and SSB,… So, you have had the chance (at least this time) to make a beautiful “phony” qso…

But I was really very sorry about that, because I’ve rarely find -while in CW- some many people “noising” on the pile-up…

As to my understanding, a CW pile-up is much more easy to manage, as you have less bandwidth for every chaser and different tones can be listened, while in the SSB ones, everybody must stand on the same QRG. So , at least for me, it is more difficult.

That might be the main reason to be even more disciplinate on SSB pile-ups than on the CW ones…But, IMHO, It seems just the opposite! And I hate to have to “call to order” to several OM’s every time that I use the microphone… Even more while being on 40mtrs…! Perhaps you can remember when you were presenting SOTA at URE convention at Bilbao, and our friend Patricio spoke about SSB SOTA on 7Mhz, can’t you?

See you! (preferably on CW)…

73 de Mikel


I beg your pardon for this post, as I don’t want to say that CW’ers are better than Mike’rs, or opening a debate around this. It is just my sole opinion, and everyone’s experience can be different, and fully respectable too.

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ZL4PLM must have really good ears. However, congratulations, Mikel, for such great DX with our antipodes.

Well done Mikel.

Guru - EA2IF

In reply to EA2CW:
Hello again.

No problem, in my 3 years of Sota and my 250-odd activities have gone through several bands, almost all, and is something I normally do is “” try “” to make contact with all partners to District 2 whether activating Sota, especially if they are co-area say PAIS VASCO, courtesy and affinity to them.

Even I’ve been waiting to do summit

I look at the spot and see that when you’re in SSB, I’m descending

summit, it does not matter what I said as a joke.

Greetings EC2AG.

PS: I do not work alone microphone CW

In reply to EA2IF:

ZL4PLM must have really good ears. However, congratulations, Mikel,

Thank you, Guru!

So think I! I would want to know -and I’ll try to- which antenna / rig was he using, He had a really strong and consistent signal, even stronger than some EU stations, and to do it on 10 mhz … (Almost the same happened to Marcial with VK2DAG, but on 24 Mhz)

Vy 73 de Mikel EA2CW

In reply to EA2CW:

Mikel, you must stop SOTA as you are having too much fun!

First you get to activate in beautiful countryside and blue skies.
Second you get chased by a ZL on 10MHz.

I am not jealous. No, no, no, no, no! I am not jealous. :slight_smile:

Simon ZL4PLM is ex-GM4PLM I think.


In reply to MM0FMF:

He`s also ex DL4PLM I met him in the Düsseldorf Altstadt for a few beers some years ago, I think he had something to do with Wimo.

Sory the site wont display a u with umlaut.

In reply to MM0FMF:
Even more, Andy, at home I must use a “sad” 16 m long wire, just good to catch every single machine making elect. noise on every band… While “sotting” sometimes I check the ATT as I think something is wrong in the rcvr. Where has gone my QRM? I ask myself…
I forgot to mention that at Erenozar I made my 1000th SOTA Activator QSO.
So you can be jealous for free!

:wink: de Mikel …-.-

In reply to All:

Firstly congratulations to Mikel-EA2CW & Marcial-EA2BDS for your far contacts.
I would like to catch you one day in CW but firstly I need to develop this skill. I can say that I am on it… but any break you done to catch the mike is appreciated.
Also I would like to send congratulations to Antonio-EC2AG for your Sota2Sota achievements , congratulations to Javi-EB2FDT for be loyal to 2m band, Iratxe-EA2DNO and Alberto-EA2DCA well known couple for your expedition abroad and of course congratulations to the rest of friends from Pamplona, Arrasate… to Laguardia. Are you aware that we are doing every weekends ???
In one way, we are enjoying and raising this hobby. Also inspiring people to get their licenses or licensed people to turn on theirs old equipments.
At the present time SOTA program has become a way to my life especially during the weekends, this fusion of the mountain and radio keeps us alive.
So, do not afraid to manage this pile-ups on 7Mhz, or in 14Mhz we should feel lucky.
Only I ask you any of you, when the situation permits to make some local contacts do not forget to feed our Chasers. It would be wonderful if someday we may “suffer” anything similar to this pile-ups in our local 2m band.
Best regards, 73s

In reply to EB2GKK:
Hi, Iñaki!

Nice to meet you over here! and thank you for your words and our QSO on 24 Mhz.
I totally agree with you about spending some time on 145/FM and, when we are without “little people” we always do it. But if there are children around, you must short the activations before get them crazy, lost, injured or tying / burning somebody… (small angels we have)

I like very much meeting with our OM’s from here but, sometimes, and having so many mountains in our land, with only 5W it is not much to do from some summits… i.e., last one from Erenozar, I was calling / listening on 145.525 -after spotting- around 45 min. for making just 4 QSO’s…

In our activations, while Marcial mounts his @"$($& 24 Mhz GP antenna, I use to turn on the ft-817 with a 1/4 144Mhz vert, and spend some time on 2m. and of course, you notice clearly the difference whether you have good path to Bilbao and surroundings or not. Most of the summits near here can give you 20 or more 144 QSO’s, while if you are low and apart, you can expect less than 10 (being optimistic!)

Anyway, I expect to keep on with the same routine in the future, as I like chatting with our collegues on 144 while being at home as well! I’ve just purchased a 2nd hand FT-857 and I hope that putting a few watts more would be useful, let’s see!

Vy 73 from me and from your uncle Marcial!


In reply to EB2GKK:
You are totally right Inaki. It’s great being called by the SOTA mini pile-ups as well as giving all chasers around the world the oportunity to chase us when we are on the air in HF from one of our beloved and beautiful mountains, but it’s important to spend some time on 2m FM to feed our local chasers. Some of whom may even be out in other reachable mountain giving us the chance of a nice S2S contact.
Let’s keep this always in mind, guys!
Since I met SOTA and plunged into this fun activity, just a few months ago, I always enjoy a lot chasing you guys on 2m FM in the weekend mornings and I’m even planning to buy a 2nd hand FT-23R to put it permanently in my car, like in my very old times, back in the 80’s, with the aim of chasing you while I’m doing errands with my car on Saturday mornings.
Keep doing this well. I’ll be looking forward to chasing you guys again soon.

Guru - EA2IF