1st time activator from Norway

Greetings one and all

Like to welcome the new goat Henning Theodorsen LA3NGA/p whom was active his first ever Sota on LA/TM-011 as had the pleasure helping through the stages today and a pleasure to work on 10m also :smiley:

He’s finding his way through the Sota file,s now.

No doubt we will hear more from him on the bands as a Goat :smile:



This was fun!
Anyone need LA/TM-268??
My rig is FT-817, BB6W ant, 3el yagi for 6m, 5 el yagi for 2m. Two batteries, Begali paddle, so cw is possible.
Today, from LA/TM-011, all qso´s where ssb…
What do people prefer? CW or SSB??
I like to work Es in the summertime on 28-50 and 144.
I also enjoy tropo and aurora on these bands.
I will resort to any band I need above 2mhz to log 4 qso´s :wink:

Congratulations on your first activation! You have now innoculated yourself with the SOTA virus. There is no known cure for it. Only further activations have been known to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.