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1st Nevada Super Sloth!!

Congrats to Woody K1LB our first Nevada Super Sloth way to “slug” it out ! Hi Hi - 73 Rick WB0USI

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Congrats Woody!
Bill, K0MP

Hey, that’s just SUPER !
John, K6YK

Congrats Woody, always happy to get you in my log!

Keith KR7RK

Congratulations Woody on being the first in Nevada to achieve Super Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations, Woody!


73, Walt

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nice work!


Congrats Woody!

Hooray Woodie.

Dear Fellow Activators,

Thanks all for the chaser points you make available through your sweat and worn shoe leather. And, thanks for the good camaraderie you bring to the SOTA radio sport. I enjoy the challenge of this mostly QRP interchange as it helps me refine my station and techniques, and it is enjoyable to connect with so many dedicated SOTA enthusiasts.

73, Woody / K1LB


Congratulations Woody! Bob AC1Z

Congrats Woody, I looked at my activator log and show 34 contacts.

Lee N7LP

Congrats, Woody! Takes much effort to achieve that status, and not any easier with current band conditions.

73 Paula k9ir