1st Activation

Well I finally decided that after 180 chaser points I should get out and join the “fat bloke on the fells” SOTA group (no names no pack drill). Absolutely fantastic day didn’t take M6JRZ as he was extremely tired after some all night vigil at youth group(!?). Anyway Harry ended up accompanying me and of we went with a rucksack full of batteries, drinks and crisps (bribery type stuff). A nice little walk and there we where. Well none of you said that you had to be a Amateur Radio ambassador on every trip (my first I know) be the radio gear certainly does generate interest in passing ®amblers.

But I had an enjoyable afternoon and so did Haz, a micro mag mount on a metal washer over the end of a 7m fishing pole strapped to a fence post did very well despite my low expectation.

10 contacts in total, so thanks to all. now I just need to spend a few pennies and construct a better antenna to stick up my pole, even though I was impressed with the very inefficient micro magmount.

We also found a geocache whilst there without a GPS, thanks to Harry’s inbuilt geoacache detector.

Right wheres the next summit?


Chris 2E0CRZ

In reply to M6RWN:

Thanks for the S2S earlier Chris, you certainly picked a good day for your first activation :slight_smile:

Heres to many more.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF