1st activation for me: VE2/OU-001 tommorow


I plan to activate VE2/OU-001 tommorow.

I put some information on my blog:


I’m looking forward to making some S2S contacts with Europe, if I can be on the air earlier than my plan I will do so.

I will be beaconing my status:



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Good luck Martin, ENJOY! Sean M0GIA

Hi Martin,

Good luck with todays activation. Me and my Dad M1EYP were going to some activations this weekend to you summit to summit to north America, but we cancelled our weekend activations because of our horrible weather and because my borther isn’t well.

I hope your activation goes well and I hope you will do some more activations in the furture because the north America associations are very rare for SOTA.

You also might be interested in setting up a SOTA association for VE3 because I think you live there because of your prefix and because you are interessted in SOTA.

Jimmy M3EYP

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He just parked his car and is now walking to summit. --> see APRS…
good luck from HB9CMI
Oh, somthing forgotten? he is walking back.

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Houston, the Eagle has landed!

Well it looks like he’s there at the summit.


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Now on summit
Setting up his rig


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A look there…



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Hi Martin, hope the activation went to plan sorry never made the contact, had to go and see relatives, may be next time,
Steve m0sgb

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Thanks for following my APRS track and trying to make contact with me on the summit. I had a blast doing this, and I have written it up in full at:


You also might be interested in setting up a SOTA association for VE3

I could indeed do that.

The highest point in Ontario is fun to get to:

Oh, somthing forgotten? he is walking back.

Yes I started walking on the wrong trail, 2 hiking trails only about 200ft apart and in parallel, easy mistake to make (I’m telling myself that anyhow!)

Hopefully I can manage some trans-atlantic contacts next time around, I may ask VA2SG for pointers, he worked a lot of European stations: