1st Activation ever from a Summit

Thanks for the report Karl glad you enjoyed your first activation, after a few activations I still have a few bad days myself. I had forgotten to charge the battery before the activation yesterday and and forgot about the MI0 part for my first few calls.

For winding antenna wire or cordage I wrap it on a figure of 8 between my thumb and little finger, I then secure it with electrical tape never had a tangle since and it’s free. ( see the clip below)


Nearly forgot thanks for the QSO on GI/mm-004, HF bands were a struggle.

Thanks again fella

Yep caught many more when got home


Hi Karl,

Great to work you yesterday from Broadlaw GM/SS-029 yesterday (Andy the summit will have wondered what hit it with all the ‘fishing pole’ erections on it over the last couple of weeks - hi hi! See they are refurbishing the CAA Beacon - what a racket from the power saws - suppose they could have said the same about me shouting into a mic - hi! [bit of digression here :relaxed:]) and you weren’t to sure where it was? I meant to add to my Alert I was ‘trackable’ on APRS - GM4COX-7 check it out aprs.fi - live APRS map (and I wasn’t at Home QTH - doh should have reset the message before I started).

And well done on your own first Activation - great! And looking forward to a S2S with you soon.

73 and ‘onwards & upwards’



Maybe they’ll get round to mounting the 11KV grid transformer up the pole rather than leaving it on the ground!