1953 style 23cms SOTA activity

I was talking to Brian G4ZRP last night about the fact I’d bought the bits for my 1W 3cms PA and some aluminium ex-aircraft radar waveguide and with a following wind would finally be QRV for 3cms SOTA soon.

Anyway he just sent me a scan of an old Bulletin (RadCom) page showing some 23cms (24cms actually) SOTA S2S activity from 1953 which makes it clear how trivial SOTA operation is now compared to 58 years ago!


In reply to MM0FMF:
Me thinks that one of the sites was just off the road - dig the sandles?!

Looking forward to some 3cms GM S2S next year Andy.

Jack (;>)

In reply to GM4COX and MM0FMF:

Hoping to join you! Glad Franco still had some of those still on the stall, Andy. I’m very glad I gave in and bought one - it should make things much easier.

I also got a rather wonderful switch for the waveguide, but I can’t yet dismantle it to see what’s inside as I only have metric hex keys :frowning:

Meanwhile it’s back to the 13cm transverter - must get that done and dusted first …