19-12-20 I/LO-199 Zuc Val Mana - My hardest seasonal bonus

Hi at All,
I had planned to activate two summits near each other. I woke up this morning at 5:00 local, but it was raining, so I waited until it stopped. I left home at 8:00 and after 1 hours by car I reached the parking in Morterone village. I started to walk in the snow with my dog. I realized that it would be a tiring day. I had no snowshoeing with me, I was wearing a lightweight sportware leggings, a jacket shell goretex a waterproof pants, spats and mountaineering boots with a lightweight crampons. the path was covered by about 40 centimeter of snow. some step I sank lower leg.

after one hour by this calvary I thought to exchange my target. two summits were too exstausing. I opted to activate the one near, I spent 1h and half again to reach the top. the last meters I used a gps for center the target due to the white out.

I started to call in 20mt ssb with kx3, I managed some qsos with european stations and one s2s. I qsy in 2mt fm with keenwood th-f7 and srh770s and I managed other 4qsos.

I decided to come back. for the descend I tried to slip pulled by my dog. I ran down the hill in few seconds! in this way i saved a lot of time and energy. where the path was not too steep this trick didn’t work. I choosed another path for the return, the name of this way is the path of large trees. I descended with a trick where possible, for the rest of way I walked sinking… after 2 hours and half I reached my car. this is the tale of my hardest 3 points bonus, if you want to tell your hardest bonus I exchange the title of this topic


Today you have qualified a SOTA summit and more importantly made a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Sometimes we have to be out of our comfort zone to fully appreciate how easy life is normally.

I love SOTA activations which are an ‘adventure’ in the fullest sense of the word.

Congratulations, Mark. M0NOM

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This is what you need :wink:

73, Jarek


Great job as usual OBX!
73 de IU2IJW

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You forgot to tell how happy Zac was!


great roby

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To Mark: Wise words!

To Jarek: I left them at home, I didn’t think there was so much snow.

To Martino and Luca: Many Thanks Guys!

To Fabio: Yes, Zac was very happy and he helped me both physically by pulling in some occasion and mentally with his knowing look.