17-12-2017 PA9CW ON Sota Tour

Sunday 17-12-2017 I’m going to do 6 summits in Belgium. If the weather is not to bad.

  1. ON/ON-004, 6 points.
  2. ON/ON-010, 8 points.
  3. ON/ON-013, 6 points.
  4. ON/ON-011, 8 points.
  5. ON/ON-009, 8 points.
  6. ON/ON-001, 8 points.

Using KX-3 with 5 W on 30 meters. Antenne is a 30 mtr. HyEndFed with 10 meter mast. Maybe I try 40 meters. I will spot when I’m QRV. Hope to meet you.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW.


Hope to work you S2S during the ON winter SOTA day Tonnie.

73, Peter ON4UP

It was big fun. But a lot of snow. I activated 5 summits, because of the bad wx. Time was running out. My movie is on it’s way…

Thanks all chasers.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW.

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Short report from my winter Tour in Belgium last Sunday.
Have fun, 73 de PA9CW.

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Prima trip Tonnie, Jammer van het weer.
Zeer beeldend verslag!!

I have fun!!