160m band ssb info

hi all,

the next days its possible that i go for one or two top band activations.
on easy summits i use a old ts-480sat with lifepo4 accu´s. i have build two antennas for the top band yesterday and its time to test it out. the antennas are resonant on 160m and 40m.
on 160m cw i can do up to 100watt output, on ssb i´m only QRP abt. 10watt.
again problems with the trx. on cw full output, on ssb at abt. up 10watt all is going crazy. relais are flickering and modulation is distorted. first think was about of HF on the rig, but its on all antennas and also on the dummy load. no time for repair. so i will go for QRS around 12-14wpm sometimes and on the end of the cw part.

thanks for the calls yesterday on dm/bw-273. nice sigs around, but difficult conds to UK on 40m. looking for DX on 40m next days, so signals on my halfwave vertical are not as good as most times on 40m in EU.

vy 73 es cu … Klaus DF2GN

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Mhhhhhh, should i go vertical or horizontal ?
today later in the evening/late afternoon i go on sota to test my newly builded antenna from activation at 12.04 on dm/bw-273. i can set up antenna at abt. 30m height. it seems to be high, but on 160m its the same as dipole on 40m is only abt. 8 mtrs over ground :wink: difficult band, this top band. but if i go horizontal the tripple band antenna ( 160/80/20m ) works good for dx on 40m :slight_smile:
if i go vertical for the top band, the antenna is much too long for 40m and not good for dx on higher bands. mhhhhhh ? lets see :slight_smile:

tomorrow at 15.04. i go on sota to finish my new linked dipole and looking for VK,ZL on 20m early morning. hope all works ok. later then all bands and modes up and down the bands…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

it is nice !! if you try to work me on 160m, also if you worked me before on a other band. no points for you, but nice for me to see how the top band works…THANKS !

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Hi Klaus,

Good luck with Top Band later. 30m is a very good height for an antenna so I would try the horizontal antenna, at least you will then have a good DX antenna for 40m as well.

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Hi Mark, thanks ! ok, lets try horizontal later. now i´m on the way to a local summit to do some antenna works. maybe qrv later then. hope my trx will put out more as 5 watts on ssb on top band. cw no problem. but first i have to cut a linked dipole for tomorrow on 20m for vk. think it ends as a headlamp activation later :wink: but no problem, no long hike to the carpark.

cu later 73 Klaus