15th Mountain Goat for Jürg, HB9BIN

I’d like to congratulate our former HB9SOTA president Jürg, HB9BIN, for the achievement of his 15th mountain goat, which he achieved while activating HB/NW-017 (Musenalper Grat) during the Swiss activity weekend.

Well done, Jürg, and may you have lots of more activations.

73 Jens, HB9EKO


Just one word… Wow!


Congratulations on the 15th Mountain Goat Jürg @HB9BIN. That’s quite a herd you’ve accumulated :goat: It takes a lot of motivation and loyalty to the hobby :+1: I wish you good health for your future tours. See you soon again in a QSO.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


That’s a lot of activations! 73 Bob AC1Z

Wow… congratulations Juerg


Congratulations, Jürg! 15 x FB!

Andy, N4LAG

:goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat:
You are a heard, Juerg!
What to say? Hat off!
73 Fabio



…and many more wonderful SOTA tours!

…and thanks for all you have done for SOTA

73 Armin

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Truly amazing! Many Congrstulations on such a marvellous achievement Jurg.

73, Gerald

Wow, what a fantastic achievement! That is serious commitment to the cause.

Congratulations Jürg!

73, Matthew M0JSB

Amazing, congratulations to this outstanding achievement, Jürg!
Have a lot of fun and thanks for the many S2S :grinning:

73 Stephan

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Congratulations Jürg!!!

One MG was hard work to me but 15 … far far away from that.

73, Ludwig

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What a spectacular achievement.


73, Robert

Dear Jürg,

congrats and please go on! It’s always a great moment to work you.

73 Chris

Lately, I activated DM/BW-114 (Königstuhl) in DLFF-0090. When I was about to terminate the activation by saying „I do not hear any other station. Thanks to all chasers, DM7KN is now going QRT“, I heard „This is HB9BIN.“ Jürg said „I realized that you were going to finish but since there was silence, I wanted to seize the opportunity“. He returned my 56 and in addition gave me HB/OW-020 and HBFF-0283 as S2S and P2P references. I had already quite comfortable 59 QSOs in the log but could not think of a better finish and final QSO! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks Jürg @HB9BIN for the contacts we had so far, I am looking forward to those still to come. Congratulations to your 15th goat and good luck with your future activations! :four_leaf_clover: :goat:

73 & 44 de Peter, DM7KN

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That is an amazing achievement. Congratulations and thanks for all the S2S. I’m only 14.5 goats behind you!

73 Richard

Chapeau bas dear Juerg, a very big performance! I hope to contact you many times again. Ciao e 73

Congratulations, Jürg. That is a lot of radio time and climbing time.
Keep on hiking!
73 Gary

Liebe SOTA-Community

Herzlichen Dank für eure netten Gratulationsworte zu 15 MGs und für die zahlreichen QSOs mit euch.

Mein Lebensziel bei SOTA ist es, schöne und einfache aber auch anspruchsvolle Bergtouren zu machen. Gleichzeitig möchte ich den Top-Scorer Jan, OK2PDT, mit 17 ½ MG einholen. Ich bin gespannt, ob ich das je schaffen werde. Wenn ja, könnte ich mich auf diese Art und Weise an der jahrelang falschen OK-Bergliste «rächen». Ich kann mir aber durchaus auch vorstellen, dass sehr aktive OMs wie SP9MA, SQ9MDF oder KE5AKL mich eines Tages überholen werden.

Bilder von meinen letzten beiden anspruchsvollen zweitägigen Bergtour findet ihr hier:

Piz Kesch-(HB/GR-012): SOTLAS

Wildi Frau (HB/BE-176): SOTLAS

73/44 de Jürg, HB9BIN


Amazing… :+1: :clap:

73’ Alain