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150,000 chaser points for Ambrosi, HB9AGH


Dear SOTA friends

It’s somehow hard for me to imagine how many hours a chaser must have sit in his shack to collect 150,000 chaser points. Ambrosi has managed to achieve this unbelievable milestone now – #1 in Switzerland and #4 worldwide.

Ambrosi is one of my frequent chasers with 43 contacts so far. Hearing his familiar voice is always coming home for me somehow, especially when activating abroad!

Ambrosi is one of our most experienced DXers in HB9 with strong listening skills. Living in the suburbs of Zurich, equipped with a GP antenna only and barefoot, you have to compensate the missing kilowatts and antenna towers with excellent operator skills. One of his secrets is to put himself in the position of the activator or DX station and call exactly at the right time to be heard at once. Beside that he is a friendly, helpful and modest guy.

Congratulations, Ambrosi, and enjoy your fantastic achievement! I’m happy to meet you soon again on the bands to provide further points for your account or live at a HB9SOTA or SDXF event.


Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


That is a stunning amount of QSO’s. I note from my very limited SOTA experience/activation logs that I have worked him once on CW.

150,000 points? Blimey - I’ve only 40+ activator points! I’ve got no chance.

Many congratulations Ambrosi. I checked my overall activation log and it appears you have only chased me 48 times, but it seems ten times that many. It is always a pleasure to work you and thankfully I always remember your name! Hopefully work you again soon when I am back on the hills.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Dear Ambrosi, congratulations on the fantastic result. Thank you for many QSOs (about 677)
vy 73 Jan

Congrats Ambrosi to your achievement.
We had 84 QSOs and you are in the top-ten of my chaser list ,
thank you very much
vy 73 de Franz ON9CBQ / DL3RBF

Ambrosi was one of the first ever CW contacts I had. Since then I have gone on to hear him call me so many times that I know who is calling by the time he finishes sending HB9… such a nice fist.

Many congratulations and here’s to hopefully many more QSOs.

Lieber Ambrosi, Congrats zum tollen Erfolg. Andy, HB9JOE und Eva,HB9FPM.

Well done on that huge total Ambrosi. Its always good to hear you.
73 Mike G0HIO

Dear Bros,
What an achievement, congratulations! I can always count on having a QSO with you whenever I’m on an activation. Mni tnx!

A magnificent total Ambrosi
Many Congratulations
Many hundreds of hours dedicated to such an achievement

Congratulations and many thanks, Ambrosi!

You somehow are always one of my first chasers, and patiently put up with my QLF :slight_smile:

Lieber OM Ambrosi,
auch von mir die herzlichsten Glückwünsche zu deinem schier unglaublichen Fleiß und der nicht enden wollenden Geduld.

Um so mehr freue ich mich, dass du bei jedem unserer QSOs ein persönliches Wort für mich hast und Freude spüren lässt.

Ich wünsche dir weiterhin so viel Spaß an unserem Hobby!

Chris, DL1CR

Dear OM Ambrosi,
also from me the most heartfelt congratulations to your sheer incredible diligence and the never-ending patience.

So I am all the more pleased that you have a personal word for me in every one of our QSOs and feel the joy.

I wish you continued enjoyment of our hobby!

Chris, DL1CR

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Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

Dear OM Ambrosi,
Congratulations for this exceptional achievement! Looking to my log I saw we had “only” 21 QSO’s but what a pleasure to hear you each time in excellent conditions! I agree 100% with what Markus HB9DIZ has wrote before about your skills.
See you soon in the bands, Ambrosi!


Wow what more is there to be said a Mega Chaser & Congrats from Cymru.


Congratulations Ambrosi and thank you very much for your dedication and the 61 times you have chased me so far. It’s always a pleasure having QSO with you from a summit and it’s also nice when I’m chasing from home and I hear you chasing.
I hope we’ll have many more QSOs in the future.


Dear Ambrosi
On August 31, 2005, one of our founding members – Ambrosi HB9AGH – logged his first chaser QSO in the SOTA database. It was a SSB contact on 20 meters with Nic HB9EAA/P (who a few years later tragically passed away) and who was operating from Passwang (HB/SO-008). Since that first QSO, Ambrosi has tirelessly made contact with more than 26,000 activations in CW and SSB, which after 13 years, now in the summer of 2018 has ultimately resulted with him achieving a total of more than 150,000 chaser points. This is indeed a milestone that deserves congratulations from the Board of Directors of HB9SOTA for his loyal participation in the program.

In terms of overall international rankings, Ambrosi can certainly feel proud of his achievements, as well; he is in 4th place behind only DJ5AV, DL1FU and DL3HXX. In CW, operators can easily pick his call out of a pileup thanks to his recognizable keying style. If every chaser would emulate Ambrosi’s fine operating techniques and how he handles himself on the air, it would make life far, far easier for us activators. When it comes to logging contacts, Ambrosi here too is very careful and meticulous. To wrap up, I would like to add one small request for Ambrosi: I would be very pleased if in the future he would once again start to spot activators or, when necessary, correct a spot that includes an incorrect reference – after all, his log is considerably more free of errors than the spots on SOTAWatch 2!

Dear Ambrosi, the HB9SOTA Board of Directors wishes you much continued enjoyment in your chasing of SOTA activators. May you long continue to lead the list of Swiss chasers as you have done for many years now.

Jürg Regli, HB9BIN and President, HB9SOTA


150K Chaser Points… a most impressive score!

Congratulations on reaching such a notable milestone, Ambrosi.