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13 November

I hope ALL of the regular North American activators have marked their calendars for the second annual North American SOTA event. Last year’s event was the tipping point for SOTA name recognition here. Multiple activations, DX pileups, and summit to summit QSOs attract a lot of attention, and will attract more participants.

I’m sure all of the NA participants want deeper pileups and more chaser points available in the next year. Promoting SOTA is the way to build the ranks. Even if it is a one point hill you’ve already done, and even if it is just for an hour or so, try to get a summit on the air for this event.


In reply to KI6J:
Good luck Stu & all the NA Activators.

Wx permitting (usually the first heavy snow/blizzards of winter on some of the lower summits) I will get set-up on one of my local GM summits specifically looking for S2S with N/A. (so far done it once ‘across the pond’ with Andrew K1YMI)



In reply to GM4COX:

Hi Stu

After the first NA SOTA, I wrote something like - If only one new NA association setup after this event, we could say mission accomplished… We underestimated interest maybe?? :slight_smile:

USA and Canada are two great places for mountain radio, time and patience will bring more activity but public relations, articles for ham radio magazines, nice web sites, promotional items and things like videos on youtube combined with time and patience will bring maybe the same level of activity then in Eu.

Lets keep it going. Also, even if you dont know your exact mountain, at least post an alert to build interest everywhere in the world. This year event gonna be a great one.

Now if I can only work one S2S DX… Fingers crossed.


In reply to KD9KC:

That’s good news Mike. I’m looking forward to cooler weather activations myself.

The November event was started by Jean-Pierre last year, and there was some discussion on this reflector a few months ago setting the date for this year. It is a good counterpart to the International Weekend in early May. While neither date is ideal for all in the growing SOTA world, there are advantages for the hotter climates we live in.

I see these events as an opportunity to make as much SOTA noise as possible on the bands, and have seen good response from those interested in participating as a result. The special event callsign people see them worthy of 1x1 event calls, and the ham news outlets have been responsive to press releases.

The NA activators have shown themselves to be a stalwart bunch. I’m sure we’re up to the task.


In reply to KI6J:
Well, I just launched the idea and Tom YTF as well as you Stu and Andy made possible the first event.

I suggest we talk about the date next year. Its true Guy N7UN and I asked all area managers, in june I think, to kind of vote for a date. We ended up with mid november. Theres lot of things to take into consideration, the may SOTA weekend, the propagation, the contest calendar, average weather etc…

We are ourselves taking risks in Quebec as there is no garantee there wont be snow or big cold on summits on mid november but based on last year, everything, weather, propagation was just great.

Anyway, lets have fun.

Also, do not forget the NA SOTA yahoo group can be a great place to discuss NA SOTA.


In reply to KI6J:

Hi, Stu.

VE2JCW and myself plan to activate Mt. Tremblant (VE2/LR-002 8 pts).

I would like to ask the NA activators to consider adding 30m or 40m to your schedule if only for a short time.

That makes possible some closer NA <-> NA S2S contacts and gives chasers in the same state/province or neighboring state/province a chance to earn some chaser points.