12m Chaser Challenge Congrats to N4EX

Rich, N4EX, crossed over 1 million points today for the Chaser side of the SOTA 12m Challenge. With over 1200 qsos and 800+ multipliers, this is an amazing achievement!

Thanks to all the 12m EU Activators for providing the 12m chase opportunities!

CONGRATS Rich! Now go for 2 million…

73, Guy/n7un

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Congrats to Rich N4EX Great Job always hearing on the Chase
Dow [W4DOW]

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Just looked at the stats and Rich is the leader of the world!
A staggering achievement. Congrats to N4EX.
Merle and Herm

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WOW…congrats Rich…so when exactly do you sleep?


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Sleep…does not compute :slight_smile:

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Congrats to Rich, if I can’t work him on 12m during my activations
there must be something wrong with my rig :). His ears must work extremely
well - I am using KX3 and Alex Loop during my activations.
BTW Guy, your call is also filling my log nicely.

73’s Dan / OK1DIG

Not really a suprise.

Rich is invariably one of the strongest signals from North America. This was even the case back when he was almost always using QRP for his SOTA chasing!

He also has a very good receiver system and good ears - rarely does he need to ask for a repeat; he can usually pull out and read my 5 watts signals first time.

He is a slick operator with an efficient and consistent format to his style.

All-in-all, this combines to usually mean that he works me every time I activate on the higher bands, and is one of the first entries in my logbook on each occasion.

Congrats Rich.


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Mind boggling… congratulations Rich.