12 goats and a principal – congrats to Jürg, HB9BIN

Dear all

Jürg, HB9BIN, is still very busy with SOTA after having left his leader duties for our local SOTA club HB9SOTA some weeks ago. He is exploring the F/AB region below Lake Geneva at present.

A 12th SOTA Mountain Goat is now with his considerable herd. Congrats, Jürg! Take profit of more freedom now without all your former duties (but your personal SOTA duties are certainly still considerable, hi). Your activity brings color to some minor white spaces of your personal SOTA map. Our white spaces are much larger, and it’s always an add-on for us to get to know regions abroad simply by following your SOTA logbook:

So enjoy to be there; you’ll certainly meet there not only new summits but also interesting people and their culture!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


For me, Jürg is simply “Mister SOTA” of Switzerland! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

73 Armin

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Congrats, Jürg, on such an incredible achievement!
It seems that you’re always out there on some mountain top. Thanks for the many S2S-QSOs we had so far! Looking forward to the next one :slightly_smiling_face:
73, Roman

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Wow, Jürg!
Is there really still anyone out in SOTA, who has’nt got a qso with you? :clap:
Thank you for all the contacts in pile-ups or for ragchew, hoping for many more!
73, Grüezi!


Congrats Jürg! Keep on activating, I am looking forward to many more S2S.

73 Jens HB9EKO


Hello Jürg @HB9BIN.

A proud milestone :goat::mountain_snow::+1: Apart from the points, there is a lot of experience behind it. Wish you health and many more activations. See you soon again in a QSO :wave:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Simply amazing!
Congratulations Jürg and I’m looking for many more S2S!

73 Stephan

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Congratulations, extraordinary achievement! I look forward to our next S2S Jürg.
73, Stefan

To the 12th mountain goat, dear Jürg, my best congratulations. On this occasion, my personal thanks for many activations and the many other activities in connection to our hobby.
Best 73

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Impressive number Jürg, always good ears and operation, for so many years.
I think you almost live in the summits.

Thanks for devoting so many time and effort.
VY 73 de Ignacio


It was nice to hear Jürg speak at Friedrichshafen, he came round and said hello to everyone afterwards, and knew most of us by our callsigns. A real gentleman of SOTA; congratulations!
73 de OE6FEG

Hi to all

Thanks for all ur kind congratulations! Armin, DL6GCA, called me “Mister SOTA” of Switzerland. May be this is true. I love SOTA and I do it almost every day! Sometimes the weather is good, sometimes not. Hi

I started ham as a DXer with over 3’000 points in the DXCC challenge program (160 up to 6 meter). And now I ended up with 12 SOTA Mountain Goats.

Tks for all the QSOs with you. See you in the pile-up es 73 de HB9BIN, Juerg


Jürg, the only thing missing now is the icing on the cake of your undisputed great successes that you would use an electrically powered vehicle for your daily SOTA / WWFF activations. Unfortunately, I can’t make this for you, but maybe you can find a sponsor somewhere, hi. Maybe with an electricity company?

73 stay healthy


Sali Heinz
Danke für deine Wünsche!
Zur Zeit fahre ich einen Toyota Hybrid. Nun gibt es diesen Allrader mit Automat auch elektrisch. Wenn ich dann den Wagen einmal wechseln muss, kaufe ich mir diesen.
Damals beim Kauf, gab es wenig gute elektr. Wagen.
Zur Zeit fahre ich mit dem Velo im Zug von Brugg nach Olten nach Hause, nachdem ich die Strecke mit meinem nicht elektrischen Velo ohne SOTA und HBFF zurückgelegt habe!
73 es hny de HB9BIN, Jürg

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Juerg, HB9BIN
Congratulations on an amazing show of dedication and perseverence!
Thank you Juerg for all the chaser points between Pennsylvania and Switzerland!

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