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10K All-QRP Super Sloth

I’m usually not one to toot my own horn, but I am proud to have beaten my personal goal by achieving 10,000 chaser points in about 18 months using exclusively QRP (5 watts from an FT-817) from W6-land. The chimney-mounted antennas aren’t so great, and I’m stuck in a canyon that gives me a clear shot only toward Hawaii (my signal couldn’t even reach KC5CW last week while he was 6 miles NE of me over a nearby ridge).

In any case, it’s a testament to what one can do with only 5 watts plus the excellent ears of SOTA activators in North America and Australia. This mostly shack-bound chaser is grateful for every contact the SOTA program has put into his log.

Danny AE9F


Nice one Danny all on 5 watts,
That,s some going
Done all mine on 10w SSB, yet to reach Super sloth
Is this on CW or SSB or both.


Thanks, Karl. Activity is combined CW and SSB with far more activity on CW for me.


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That’s great, Danny! Given your power limitation and the blocking caused by the canyon walls it is a tribute to your determination and perseverance.

Supersloth is an exclusive club, though nowadays there are 218 of us. It’s a big step to 100,000 but four have made it - I think of them as Hypersloths!


Well done Danny. Congrats!

72, Dan NA6MG

Congratulations Danny ! I’ve heard you chasing, many times, but didn’t know you were in California and qrp. Well done. Most all of the activators are qrp and have great ears as well. 72 and keep up the chasing. de Scotty in Pennsylvania.

Great job and welcome to the Super Sloth group. Five watts is plenty of RF with the right antenna and operating technique.

Gary a. - W0MNA

Now that explains it! Ive worked you many times and would hear your sig about 1 to 2 s units lower than others in the Bay area (K6EL). Youve been an active chaser in my log and its appreciated. Congrats on this accomplishment as it takes skill and perseverance to chase with 5 watts from a canyon. Nice!
Mike W6AH

That’s some effort Danny! Well-deserved congrats!! You’ve set the bar high for the rest of us QRP Sloths (I’m at 3600).

Chris KQ2RP